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I wouldn’t bother with prices, people can decide what it is worth to them.


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‘Chop Swap’ ’

‘Offally good trades’

‘The knackers yard’

Trades sections work on vinyl forums pretty well. You list your records available along with condition maybe with a pic - PMS come through with trade offers. You accept politely or decline most rudely.


Has to be Offally Good Trades :+1:


Have a Butchers at these.


My take is, if it’s something I have spare, but can’t be arsed selling it, then I’m happy to swap it for something that takes my fancy.

If someone posts up something that’s worth a lot of dosh without realising they shoud be given a heads up, and if they’re happy to continue then thats up to them.

It happens, a couple of years ago someone on the Wam was selling a copy of Kate Bush - The Red Shoes on vinyl for less than a fiver. He got told, but decided to stick to the asking price, which, I’ll admit, if it had been me, I wouldn’t have…



I quite often give good prices / deals if I no longer want, have multiples or just don’t like records I have bought.

In fact, probably too often :confused:


Oh, and there should be a code of honour, if you get something that’s worth a lot and decide to flog it, you share the proceeds, say 70/30 (in favour of the seller, given that they’ve made the effort to sell it) with whoever you got it off, or if they don’t want it, donated to the site. Hard to police, but we are a brotherhood of meatmen, and you are not to be a cunt to your brothers.


Your last line would indicate, as we would hope, that ‘policing’ shouldn’t be necessary.




I’ll pm Jon to see if there’s any legal problems with a music swap shop (I understand that giving away mp3
download codes from records is problematic, so let’s avoid that, at least in public) and whether he wants it to live in the classifieds or have it’s own section.

We need to sort out some kind of basic code of conduct too, for the avoidance of cuntishness over and above the background level.




Ok, I’ve asked Jon what he thinks, where he thinks it should be, and who he thinks should be responsible for supervision of the inevitable quagmire.

If he reckons it’s OK, I’ll start a thread to discuss the ground rules.




I have a few records that I no longer listen to, or I’ve bought and been disappointed with. Thing is, the CBA factor is too high when it comes to packing them up and posting them :disappointed:

Maybe we could also have swap shops at the meat-ups in Lopwell and Settle?


A large mailer with five or six is under four quid posted.
Royal Mail small parcel size. Up to 2kg.
Private jumble sales sound a good idea!


Used to love swap shop and the cheeky bids.

I have an Action Man in great condition, only missing one arm… looking to swap for a mint condition Chopper bike :grinning:


Is he sitting there in his pants?


Probably. The cunt.