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Unusually for me I kept the broken one so might be possible - mind you they are incredible thin wires.


You have to be VERY careful :cold_sweat:


Porcupine Tree - Fear of a Blank Planet

Blue vinyl - NM / NM

Free, just donate the postage cost to the charity of your choice.


Please mike


All yours Stu. PM me your address.



I fear I may have to do nothing but stare at this screen if this continues…



Free classical LP to carry on the love;


Great deck, very underrated and undeservedly unfashionable - had to spend a lot to better mine, can take a much better arm and cart - well worth spending a few quid to fettle.

Internal wiring is actually quite thick and not especially flexi - can be improved on with an aftermarket rewire kit.

That said if you can find a used Pro-ject EVO CC carbon fibre tonearm that’s a huge improvement on that one - indeed it’s the most underrated tonearm on the market, bar none IMHO.

If you can be arsed, don’t bother with a wallwart PSU - build a decent linear one, another very worthwhile upgrade for peanuts.

The deck itself is best stood on a heavy inert surface - think marble chopping board/paving slab, which in turn stands on something isolating, like some hefty sorbothane domes - if you reach that stage, give me a shout and I’ll send you some FOC.


Great advice as usual mate, appreciate your post and offer :+1:


Rob I have a slab of acrylic same dimensions as the deck which I used exactly like Paul suggested - I can include it if you want it - only problem will be the box will be quite heavy - maybe send it seperately ?

Can only echo what Paul said about the EVO CC which is on my other deck - it’s an amazing arm :+1:


IFI Audio iDSD Nano headphone amp/dac.

RCA output faulty - image way off centre. Last time it broke down, IFI repaired it for £55 which involved all new internals and re-using the case. I presume they would do so again if anyone can be arsed getting it repaired.

It works perfectly well as a headphone amp. The headphone output seems unaffected by the fault afflicting the RCA outs.

Any use to anyone?


Yes, please.
I can repair it, and use it for my portable music system, I use for a music class.


Please drop me a pm with your address Gregg and I’ll get it off to you at some point next week.


Many thanks. Can I make a donation to something in your name, or retufn the favour, in some way?

Address removed /mod.

Thanks again


you’ve just posted your address and number on the open forum.


I removed your address as it’s in public view.


Many apologies. Thought I was replying to a PM!!


I really don’t want to be greedy! But if your not using it for anything else and don’t plan on using it then that would be awesome. Of course it all depends on if a suitable box(s) can be found.


Sorted old boy - the acrylic plinth thingy is in there to :+1:


Oh bloody hell! You’ll need an address then! PM incoming…