Spirit of the Slaughterhouse: Free Stuff


I predict you soon being the cat wut has gotten t’ cream!

Truly toblorone topping!!


After a difficult year, yeah I feel very lucky!


Hi Mick,I have just moved the wheelie bins and the idiot postman had left the package behind one of them :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Luckily we have had very little rain and no harm has been done. Many thanks mate.


Ok some more free stuff

First up a short Kimber Cable Ipod to RCA cable measures about 18cm from connector to connector

Second an Atlas Voyager 1m RCA cable

Thirdly a generic digital Y lead about 4m roughly


I could use the ipod cable if still available.

Happy to pay postage and put a few bits and pieces up for grabs on here to keep the karma balanced.



Allan, I’d be grateful for the Atlas interconnects if still available. Thanks.


No worries - pm me your address :+1:


It’s yours Paul I could drop it off next week at some point ?


That would be great. Thanks Allan. It’ll be good to meet you. PM on the way.


Phew. I was starting to worry :disappointed_relieved:

BTW, we aren’t far from you - Broseley, other side of Bridgnorth. If you are passing through any time…


Boils my piss, that does.


Thanks Mick I will take you up on that next time I am up your way.


More like it.


A fair point well made :+1: You are a very bitter man :laughing:


Because of reasons :blush: I have spare CD copies of this

and this

Anyone want?


Go on then :slightly_smiling_face:


PM address, will send next week


ftfy :wink:


Thanks to Mike,LP arrived safe and sound today. :thumbsup:


Slightly niche offering here, but I have a box set of volumes 1-3 of The Art of Computer Programming by Donal Knuth that is now surplus to requirements. I’ve basically just been using it as a monitor stand for the last few years.

Probably only likely to be of interest to very few! @Ijrussell @coco