Spirit of the Slaughterhouse: Free Stuff


Well here it is making music just now :slight_smile:

Shocking picture,but it is dark and my camera is rubbish in low light.

I need to check a few things when i’m more awake and there is daylight, like alignment, tracking force and bias, VTA and maybe have recheck the arm bearing adjustment as they were loose as hell when it got here, but to be honest it already sounds very good indeed, Gregory Porter and Beck have never sounded so good…

First a HUGE HUGE HUGE thankyou to Allan (@spacehopper ) for his amazing generosity, i’m not worthy, no words are enough!
And for sending over the Pro-ject bearing adjuster for me to borrow :+1:

Thank you to Tim (@Spider ) for spotting a second hand power supply for me, nice find mate.

Thank you to Dad ( @Navigator ) for providing his steady soldering hands today.

Cheers to Paul ( @Mrs_Maureen_OPinion ) for his kind advice and offers via PM.



Lovely decks, hugely underrated :+1:


Rob it’s a pleasure and I’m very glad it’s now in good home - it deserves it as it’s given me a lot of great listening.

It is a handsome set up - how do you find the acrylic support plinth ? I stuck some additional vibrapods under the feet of the TT which I thought worked well :+1:


It’s certainly a looker :slight_smile:

The acrylic support plinth really adds to the table, making it look ‘more’. As regards to sound, I honestly don’t know yet.
At the moment it’s sat on a slab of MDF which sits on some sorbothane things, I may try some additional ones inbetween but i’m lucky to have a concrete floor too.

The TT is nice as well as you can experiment with interconnects, which actually do make a difference in this situation :slight_smile:


Just chuck that grenade in at the end, why don’t you…


Hi Rob,
Glad you’re sorted and the TT looks fab mate.
Don’t let Kate see it she would want one like it.
Glad the power supply turned out to help.
Look forward to hearing it soon.
Respect to AA members who helped get this lovely TT in operation again. :+1:


Awesome offer but I think that they’re a bit too high-brow for me!


Likewise! I’m an architect now, so Visio for Dummies is more like it. :sob:


Freefalls well set up now. Fixing the post damaged table needed 4 steady hands . I’m looking forward to a decent loud listen of it tho it looks pretty enough to charm . And run thro the collection of interconnects . ( just to find out they make no difference of course ) He’s not having my best sounding ones tho! ( oops)


Many thanks for the ipod cable - much appreciated :+1:


Many thanks to Paul, for the ifi Nano.


Many thanks to JB for the underpants.


Should this not be in the Spirit of the Keckless thread ?


Oh there you are. You’ve been so quiet I thought you must be on holiday again. :smirk:


Were you wearing yours on your head as chandelier protection ?



In your dreams sweetie :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Got the cd and vinyl. So not really up for mp3
I’ll rip flac. The album details are in small type at the bottom!

Shout if you use it so I can remove. No voting if watching on demand or on catch up.


I like Serge G, downloading thanks!


Will you do these sort of things by PM please so we don’t get record company bollockings? :heart: