Spirit of the Slaughterhouse: Free Stuff


I had no idea anyone cared! The code is a one off isn’t it and I paid for it.

Noted. Sorry.


It’s a grey area. Strictly speaking, the code is for you to have a format shifted copy. Copyright doesn’t actually give you permission to give it to someone else whilst retaining the physical copy.


Quick, run out the back door, the copyright police have been mobilised!





I won’t talk on the phones now.


I’ll hand myself in to the fuzz 1st thing in the morning.


I haven’t heard that for years! :grinning:


me neither, my dad used to use it. Isn’t it a term from the 1950s?


I remember it from this…


It was what we called 'em when I was 8 and we were being chased off some building site or similar.

It was also what we called the dense groinal topiary at the top of a young lady’s legs in the Jazz Magazines we used to liberate from said sites…

Ahhhh… 1970s :star_struck:




You’re both right, it’s VERY good indeed :+1:


Our both right?


All together, one at once.


Were both right


All this stuff has been claimed - Cheers

4 x Spectra Dynamics Focus Pods. Aka sorbothane feet / domes.

4 x lcd displays - blue blacklight. 2 display mains voltage and 2 display mains frequency. Bought new and never used so untested. (Were for a project that never happened.)

2 x 4 pin socket and connectors.

Let me know in this thread if you want any or all of them and then pm me your address.
Will post for free over the next few days.

All this stuff has been claimed - Cheers


Could I have the feet please Graham?

You could bring them next Saturday to save the cost of a jiffy/postage.


Yes and yes.


Hi Graham, can I grab the connectors?



Pm me your address and ill post them on Wednesday. Or i can bring them to Jim’s if you don’t need them sooner.