Stuff for sale

Need to clear out some stuff. Will provide photos etc if anyone is interested in an item

Aesthetix Romulus CD and DAC ex demo from the UK dealer - £2500
Cambridge Audio CXN V2 - bought new from richersounds - £600
Cambridge Audio 851N - bought used - £600
First Watt F4 - have two so selling one of them (needs a high gain pre) - £1300
Radford STA15 - restored with new KT77 and mullard GZ34 - £1300
Audio Innovations first audio 2a3 - mono amps with new 2a3 valves fitted - £1600
Bryston BDA-3 DAC - Bought new via Hong Kong - £1500
Omega CAM full range speakers - bought new via UK dealer - £1000
KJ Audio built Pensil speakers with alpair 11 - £400


Your timing is fucking awful :rofl:


not if you live in the US :slight_smile:


Oh that’s fine, it’s just cashflow as there’s other stuff I’m about to pull the trigger on.

Don’t you mean Romulus?

ah yes, cheers, especially as it’s more expensive than the Pandora :slight_smile: