Stuff your other half does that annoys you


Declares you dead…


Should of listened to your mother!!! :laughing:


Should have listened to your grammar teacher.




Oh, hang on …



You lecturing me on grammar - that’s royally fucking rich, that is :smirk:


Much better, although as a sentence it doesn’t parse as well as it might.


exactly :wink:



Brings a whole new meaning to the term “she lost her marbles” :rofl::rofl:


How the fuck does anyone get banned from 4chan FFS?


Richard Dunce would manage it within the first day.




I mentioned something about Bob Marley.

Wifey: “I don’t really like Bob Marley”

Me: :open_mouth:

Wifey: “Well I don’t”

Me: “What?!?”

Wifey: “I’m not really into that steel drum Caribbean stuff”

You think you know people!



Stop liking it you cretins.


I used to think she was cool because she likes oasis and the verve.

I’m conflicted, now.


She’s a good woman Edd. Even better now :smile:


Why can’t we like things more than once !!


She’s getting ready with the “I love it” line


Claire has asked me to put up one of our tents “to check it’s OK for next weekend”

“What’s happening next weekend?”

“We’re going camping…”

“You never bloody told me we were going away, where to?”

“Oh for fucks sake Rob, we go away this Bank Holiday weekend every year, to Grange Over Sands. Every. Single. Year.” (this is actually true, but normally it involves loads of nights out with mates planning it, and that hasn’t happened, so I assumed we were giving it a miss this year).

“But you could have told me. I’m working Saturday, and it’s the Champions League final, the pub on the site doesn’t have a telly…”

“You can come up after work, and so what about the football…”

“But it’s Liverpool… Can I come up on Sunday morning?”

“And get out of putting the tent up, no fucking way”

“I’ll be putting the sodding tent up anyway, tomorrow, to make sure it’s OK, and then putting it away again, so I’m not “getting out of it”, I’ll come up on Sunday morning, I’ll be there by 10, you won’t even have had breakfast by then”



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