Stuff your other half does that annoys you


Stevia rocks (especially if you are diabetic) :+1:




Have you got other accommodation lined up for tonight?


Local Intensive Care Unit…


A box of chocolates will fix this one.


Handwriting analysis required :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



All the research pointing to Stevia being safe for human consumption (i.e. claiming to disprove allegations that it causes cancer, infertility, etc.) was paid for by Cargill & Coca Cola :thinking:


How d’ya mean?


I’m in no way an expert. As preparation for a course I taught I read quite a few articles published by Elsevier in the journal of food and chemical toxicology, all financed by coke & Cargill and all published within a few weeks of each other. As far as I could tell, the referencing was circular within the series of articles with no external evidence. The aim of course was to get stevia approved for human consumption so the two firms could make loadsamoney, which duly happened. This despite many doubts over safety.
If you’re interested, send me a pm & I’ll email you the articles.


I thought it was a purely plant based product.


Sadly, so is ricin.



And cocaine…


Fuck me, is anything safe to eat now?


I would just carry on as normal, damage has been done. :grinning:


I was intending to :grinning:


From what I understood, stevia is probably ok. Some people say it causes various nasty things. Big firms with vested interests paid some scientists to say that it is definitely safe in order to get it approved by the fda so they could start selling it. Just one of many such scenarios I fear…


As we lurch into our 50s, Sam’s and my eyesight is going down the pan rapidly. This, plus the fact we moved to a bigger house with bigger rooms and so sit further-away, has compelled Sam to look for a new telly to replace our >10YO one…

Sam likes gadgets and can - by-and-large - be left to get on with it: she’s intelligent, discerning, it’s her cash, and she’s #1 telly addict in this household.

In due course she settled on a £2300 Sony OLED that was easily a foot bigger than the existing one, crisper, brighter, contrastier - all that old :soccer::volleyball::rugby_football::tennis::8ball:s

Great!” you might think…

But no, snatching defeat from the jaws of an otherwise easy victory, she’s moved the sofa a metre further back!

And she’s insisting a) that it stay there and b) that spending £2300 to get basically what we had before is a great idea and money well spent.



Glasses :eyeglasses: