Tales from Uh-merica

How is it that all of Alex Jones’ texts from several years can be accidentally sent to a lawyer, yet no-one is able to recover a single text from those involved in Jan 6th?

Because he didn’t get the memo about deleting all of them?

Pleading bankruptcy despite his companies earning $800000 a day.

Let the cunt swing.

Hate sells.

If you’re going to commit perjury, go big and do it live on the internet. :skull:


Ignorance is the best he can come up with…That’s be 4 mil your lawyer just cost you + they haven’t decided on Punitive damages yet. Wondering if the families of the other shooting victims will / can come forward with similar actions ?

I’m wondering if his lawyer sent the copy of the phone to the prosecution and then didn’t request it be privileged was incompetence or intentional.

Very brave if it was intentional.


“This is not your show” :rofl:


Like talking to a child.


a child can learn

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Do not touch the hot things

Arghhhhh. it’s hot and it burnt me

Do not touch the hot things

That sort of learning?

Rampant egomania and dissociation in action.

As true here as there:


Forty five million dollars, have it ya cunt.

The other families are waiting in the wings.


He wont have to pretend to be bankrupt once all this plays out. :+1:


I sincerely hope so. The judge in the case was great. Curiously Big Al had other notions. “Beyond any kangaroo-rigged court ever”.

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His channel has apparently gone into grift overdrive to support him. I hope they fleece his idiot minions to raise some money, it would be poetic justice.


From Bloomberg:

What if #CivilWar is trending?

The FBI search on Monday at Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago home has inflamed certain corners of the internet. The news quickly sparked calls for political violence on social media, with many of the former president’s supporters calling on each other to take up arms.

Such incendiary language isn’t new to technology companies that were criticized for moving too slow on similar warnings in the run-up to the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection. Now, with another US election just months away, the veiled and not-so-veiled threats will lead to more tough decisions at social platforms about whether to delete posts and ban users calling for “#CivilWar.”

The #CivilWar hashtag has gained traction on social platforms in recent days. At the same time, other talking points—like variations on a GOP post [asking if “they can do this to an innocent man & former president, imagine what they can do to us”—have reverberated through social networks.

Meta Platforms Inc. and Twitter Inc. did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The [President Trump-backed network Truth Social in particular has quickly filled with speculation about political violence. There, anonymous users often post messages with the hashtag #CivilWar, according to a Bloomberg News analysis. One typical post by a user with the handle @AmericanPrepper read, “We the People stand with you Mr. President.”

Meanwhile, users on fringe forums popular with believers of the QAnon conspiracy theory, have been quick to predict a coming conflict. As one person wrote after news of the FBI search broke, “Is it time for all of the red states to form a NATO-like alliance to stand against the blue states and the globalists?”

The war-time mentality has become increasingly common since it’s started to find a footing with politicians. Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) tweeted on Monday: “These are the type of things that happen in countries during civil war.” Other messages echoed suggestions from Republican lawmakers that the FBI acted inappropriately, or at the behest of the White House.

President Joe Biden wasn’t informed of the search at Mar-A-Lago in advance, the White House said Tuesday. “The Justice Department conducts investigations independently and we leave any law enforcement matters to them,” press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said.

Violent rhetoric has been familiar within the far-right communities online for several years, said Jacob Davey, a researcher from the London-based Institute of Strategic Dialogue. Far-right militias have actively promoted some form of secession from the US for more than a decade, he said.

“Calls for civil war have become part of a steady drumbeat of extremist rhetoric,” Davey said. Social platforms will soon face difficult questions over how loud it can get.

Secession would be Brexit on steroids!

Trump may have been onto something when he said ‘build a wall.’ It’s hard to find good reason why the red states should have any part of a civilized world.

Bring it on.

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