Tales from Uh-merica

It does. The Republicans are clearly going for the nutter demographic.

Which, scarily, seems to have pretty broad-based appeal with the simpleton/angry demographic.

Putin might be struggling in Ukraine, but in USA he’s winning…


The irony of Roe v Wade being overturned is that now the Democrats are angry too and might exceed expectations in the mid terms. If the GOP take a heavy spanking they might change tack away from MAGA and back towards normalcy. Slim chance but there’s room for hope.

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I hope you’re right, but there seem to be far too many insidious, toxic influences on the right wing and dumb whites in the US for there to be any change except for the worse. Though at least mobilising the centre-left could stall things for another term.

It is really quite disturbing but I’m trying to stay positive. The electorate did come out in force to evict the orange cunt from the White House in 2020 so you have to hope that they won’t let him or one of his scumbag acolytes back in in two years.


I suspect a Jan 6th repeat with a lot more guns is far more likely.

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I’ve heard it said that when the USA catches a cold, we get the sniffles.

When I found a Swastika daubed on the shithouse cubicle at work, I reported it. Incontrovertible evidence.

No attempt to investigate.

And I had to explain to a number of my colleagues what a Swastika was; yes I did mention examples can be found in mosaics; and also the symbolism it carried in the days of Nazi Germany.

I do have tweed jackets. None have leather elbow patches. Im not a fucking History Teacher.

Why did I have to explain this shit?


Awful that one of your colleagues is an actual Nazi.

Shameful and reflects very badly on your managers. Even if unlikely to succeed, the fact of an investigation sends a message that such behaviour is unacceptable in your workplace.

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If you saw the email responses, it would make more sense.

This is why I stay and fight.

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Because educational standards have been driven downhill by successive generations of governments, especially - but not uniquely - the tory ones: ignorant populations will think what they’re told to think, and vote the way they’re told to vote…

There is also considerable squeamishness around openly discussing matters such as fascism, racism, abusive behaviour, &c.


A few years ago I had to explain to an Indian colleague (who’d moved to the UK to work) that the symbols decorating the inside of their house, including swastikas, might give offence to some people he could invite round. He’d no idea. It was just a part of Hindu culture symbolising Surya, (the sun) and prosperity.


Could have read “sued for fraud over presidential term”.

If only we had a Donald Trump thread for posts like these :grinning:


(Not actually from Mr Clemens, but meh…)

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