Technics 1500 R2R

I’ve just purchased a Tascam BR 20 so my Technics 1500 is up for sale …It has been serviced and calibrated by Alan Towell who is well known on for his love and knowledge of R2R’s…The Tascam is a 2 track as opposed to the Techie which is 2/4 track .The reason for sale is the Tascam wasn’t for sale at the time …The Techie is in top class condition and plays etc superb ….
I paid £2000 for it in March of this year ( see earlier post) and as they hold their value well and rising ,I would like to get £2100 for it .I would deliver it free to you thus keeping it in the same condition.The Technics reel and shims + Technic reel holders are included ( very hard to get hold of nowadays ) …BT or PayPal FF or cash on delivery (deposit needed if method this is chosen .).
Thanks for looking …Don’t forget no servicing etc is required so no extra outlay ….


I’ve missed seeing reel purchases,

Lopwell needs your catalogue

Here is a link to how Alan serviced and replaced many parts on the RS 1500.
Well worth a read even if you’re not bothered about purchasing it


R2R is now sold STP ….