Terms / phrases that need to fuck straight off


There used to be some guy who always put that at the end of his sentences on PFM.


“He tells it like it is”
Usually said after a racist/sexist/homophobic rant by an uninformed eejit.


It’s up there with “some of my best friends are black”, and they look all disappointed when you have to tell them that Labradors don’t count.


Think he was a Taff


I’m not racist but…


PC run amok - usually spouted by the above examples because they don’t like finally being called out for being cunts.


Can you CASCADE this down - why don’t you fuck off. I’ll let them know , is that ok ?
My ex boss would go away to a conference of course and come back with some gems.
Let’s knife and fork it !! WTF
We desperately wanted someone to tell him to Golden shower it down , just so he’d repeat it in a meeting.


“Shaking up”

With regard to selling tat like watches.


“For cheap” :rage:


I’ll just be a minute


‘Them’ instead of ‘Those’


Got this in an email today

“…we need to join the dots otherwise we are in danger of digging up the road twice”

No JCBs are required to write a policy!


Oh, two moronic metaphors in one sentance - Is there any way to provoke the sender for the hat trick ?


At what age am I likely to start getting annoyed by these things?

Currently 40.


You’re a late starter.


Ok, I’ll take that.


The use of “Los” Vegas is starting to piss me off.

It’s LAS Vegas and LOS Angeles, you arsehats.


The locals all say Los. Not sure why but they do.


Because they are Americans. And therefore bound to be wrong.


I prefer 'Lost Vagueness"