Terms / phrases that need to fuck straight off


It’s a “challenge”
everything is a bloody challenge.

Which actually means a fucking nightmare or virtually impossible.


group hug

expression of interest


University of life.

Oh, thick twat then.


Or “School of hard knocks”


It’s part of your CPD :roll_eyes:


The joke there usually is Lost Wages


Used to be called ‘The Mutoid wast company’ - I knew a few of them - All were certifiable


Met a few too, quite sensible, in a good way.


Audiophile grade

Especially when used to describe commonly available materials, such as stainless steel, rubber, acrylic, etc.


It does however apply to twattery. :slight_smile:


Prompted by This.

Engineering phrases / words such as “digital” when used by non-engineers who haven’t a clue what they actually mean.

Dyson’s “digital motor” being a case in point, but also “The Department for Digital , Culture, Media and Sport” - 'cos we all just fancy a bit of digital every now and then, after all.

… and if I hear one more report that “Digital” music sales are gaining market share from CDs… How the fuck do you think a CD works, then? :exploding_head:

Top tip: Avoid sounding like a wanker by restricting yourself to words you’re actually qualified to use. :+1:


…and breathe :wink:


boils my piss that


I feel better now I’ve got that off my chest…


While we’re about it, misused mathematical phrases too. I’ve heard a lot of people who don’t know what they’re talking about say ‘exponential’ recently, often in the context of growth and usually when they mean ‘large’ or ‘rapid’. Exponential doesn’t mean large or rapid, although it has the property that, given long enough, it will always overtake any polynomial eventually. Exponential means, in practical terms, that the rate of change of a thing is proportional to the value of that thing.

So, for example, cells increase in number by dividing. When you only have a small number of cells the rate at which new cells appear per hour will also be small. As the number of cells grows so does the rate at which new cells appear. It turns out mathematically that this means that the number of cells at any time can be expressed as a number raised to the power of the product of the time and some constant. When we raise a number to a power, say 5 to the power 2 (5 squared) or 5 to the power 3 (5 cubed) or 5 to the power 6.71 times whatever the time is now, the numbers 2 and 3 and 6.71 times whatever the time is now are called the exponent. That’s exponential growth. Nothing else is.



The misappropriation of mathematical terminology really boils my piss.


What, literally?


My Dyson is digital. It can be on, or off.

Variable speed vacuum cleaner. Hmmmm that should be a thing.


That’s definitely, without a shadow of doubt… Numberwang!!


Upsum can get to fuck.