Terms / phrases that need to fuck straight off


No, figuratively :stuck_out_tongue:


does the temperature increase exponentially over time, and how long does it take to turn your cock in a steam valve. And can you use it for texturing full fat milk for a cappuccino?


That exists


It does, I have one :slight_smile:




Presumably the settings are “work as expected” and “don’t work very well”?


As do I. However, as it’s only ever used on maximum setting, it does seem like a pointless endeavour.


I have mine on the second to top setting, as on full chat it sticks to the carpet and is difficult to use


Mine has three - off, normal, max. Ternary ftw.


Ye olde tristate boolean: true, false, file not found


I thought it was Off, Normal & Recycling Centre


From a work announcement about a new role being created

…will have an internal and external lens …


That’d be a window then


WTF, if anything, does that mean? :thinking:


are they being asked to refocus the problem space by reaching out to the team?




Ok, a bit more

…will have an internal and extenal lens focusing on how technology can be used as a strategic driver…


still fixed




Must know something about IT as the Board are convinced that the answer lies in technology even though they don’t know what the fuck they are talking about.