Terms / phrases that need to fuck straight off


Ignore me Kev - I only meant it as a bit of tongue-in-cheek banter.


No problem Allan, I am not in the least bit discombobulated, I genuinely have never heard any of those words before :grinning:


Good word Kev :ok_hand:


I remember the Ken Dodd version, discomknockerated


Weegie. They’re all phonetic(ish) spellings of the diminutives…

Not that I wish to imply Glaswegians are short of stature. :rofl: @spacehopper




Nope. Proper Dublin phrasing too, as is the more polite alternative; feck off. Get to feck is probably beyond the pale though in a historical and linguistic sense.


My head literally explodes every time somebody says they literally did something, when in actual fact they literally didn’t.


‘Legend’ 15 minutes past it’s sell by date ‘Legend’ arrived promptly to be forgotten.


Touch base :face_vomiting:


An ex boss

“How does this help me?”, that’s because you are a thick nasty double standards racist twat looking for a scapegoat, or do I need to draw a picture and use words of no more than two syllables?

He was sacked after 16 months in the job, which is pretty good going for a German in a German company sent over from Germany as the rising star.


Run that past me again.


Let’s start with the low hanging fruit.


My legs are so short, my fruit is scraping the floor :cry:


“The longest / tallest pole in the tent”

Fuck off. And keep fucking off until you get back to your corporate headquarters you Deloitte cunts


I’ve not had the displeasure to encounter this twaddle but it is deeply shit.


Indeed it is. I shall try to compile some more as the week progresses. The Deloittes bodies are full of it here


Buzz speak needs scrutiny


Pictorial example of what drives me absolutely fucking mad.