Terms / phrases that need to fuck straight off


“Let me be very clear”
“What I hear on the doorstep”

And, of course - “Strong and stable”


The new phrase that needs to be stamped out at once is

“Lets not make the perfect the enemy of the good”



Some people criticize different than as incorrect but there’s no real justification for this view. There’s little difference in sense between the three expressions, and all of them are used by respected writers.

There’s a school of thought that there is no right or wrong in language. If enough people use an expression then it becomes as ‘right’ as any other. Quite a few people say prostrate cancer, but we know what they mean. Other people think that an apostrophe is needed in some/most/all plurals, but we (usually) know what they mean. Donald Trump says Mexico is paying for his wall (not will be paying, but is paying https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-46748492). He claims to know what he means. All these people are in fact right, but only because they’ve redefined right to include wrong.



Whilst there’s plenty of scope for twattish applications of the phrase, there’s a core principle there that’s actually quite sound (imho)


It’s being trotted out sagely by various government spokespeople. Any value it might have had is now trashed.


Oh fuck.

So in their case what they mean is “We can just stop at utter car-crash and not put an ounce more thought into it than that”


Good is subjective - See record grading


I have posted this before but it deserves repeating



I find your irritation mildly amusing :slightly_smiling_face:


Maybe we should be inspired by Friends and title each thread “the one about annoying phrases” or whatever? That would be fine, huh?


In the mind garden all threads are woven for practical use


Perfect is subjective too.


Thing is, Mark can change any thread title he wants to but it isn’t as much fun as whining about it. :joy:


Elevator speech.


In a similar vein, “touch base” is acceptable if you happen to be a baseball player, otherwise sod off.

Other ones that grind my gears:

  • Off of
  • “Vunnerable”. No, it has an ‘L’ in the middle
  • Med-cine. As above; what happened to the ‘i’?
  • “Can I get…”. I actually complimented a chap in Caffe Nero yesterday as he stepped up to the till beside me and began his order with “Please may I have…”. He looked pleased, surprised and slightly disturbed all at once.
  • “Oh yes, a hundred percent”. I blame The Apprentice for this abomination that is being used everywhere.


‘Meaningful vote’ can fuck off as well


Porn stars doing oral


Hey, I also hate Poop and Hey.


People that say Nom nom nom can fuck off.