Terms / phrases that need to fuck straight off


Leverage. Oh fuck off you corporaprick. USE. USE is the word you meant.


Everyone knows it should be “Om nom nom” instead.


ban that “om nom nom” shit as well, what does it mean bro


On nom nom is the noise made when one consumes nommage.


Aaand, the winner is



Second place went to peeps


That right there is a cardinal sin.

Suffixing deviants.


Don’t take umbrage-age!


Cookie Monster says “om-nom-nom”, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to stand by whilst posters make disparaging remarks about Cookie Monster :rage:




calling speakers poison
what on earth were they thinking !!!



People parroting a toy MeerKat designed to emotively lure nincompoops into the purchase of Insurance (and get a free cuddly toy) are mentally unwell.


Indeed, and should be put out of their miserable existence.


Agreed, outside of Cookie Monster Ohm Nom Noming can suck a dick.


One I heard today.
“Let’s put some corners on that circle and make it a square”
What the fuck does that mean?



This this this and forever this. Thank you. Hate. Apart from anything else, it’s meant to be NUM… as in yum yum, softened to num num. Where the fuck did NOM come from? And I just checked Cookie Monster… he clearly goes NUM. Because it is derived from YUM. Nom is meaningless.


fucking cookie monster WTF, may as well have Trump muttering at you. Anyway WTF is a cookie, its biscuit, and fucking Yank cookies can fuck off back across the Atlantic…


Oh no he doesn’t.

Biscuit Monster just doesn’t roll off the tongue the same way.


Surely you mean American biscuits then.


They come with slices of American fat jack cheese.