The all-new shiny cockpunch thread

He’s probably close enough to you that you could drive over and make the point face-to-face (or face-to-paving-slab, perhaps …)

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Can I get the two cameras connected to the new pc to work at the same time? Can I fuck. Fucked off with the fucking fucker. It is fucked, and I am fucking off. Think it needs some software from the Korean man who is on his holidays.

On me holidays in a few hours. Last bit of packing to do when I get home later. Bit of netball tomorrow afternoon and a gentle drive to Poole. Then off to that France.


Any gobshite that mentions ;

  1. Mainstream media
  2. The narrative
  3. Neoliberalism

And continues to gobshite to all and sundry, culminating in MMT.



You can add -

  1. Household Economics

to that list.

Talking of which, ome winter I have a dreadful feeling / fear that many will be totally fucked and left to fend entirely for themselves.

50 year-old virgins, to a man.

Cockpunch to Hyundai sat nav for taking me onto the M6Toll for about 2 minutes, thus incurring a £5.10 cost when another route was easily available.

Cockpunch to the M6Toll for not accepting Android Pay, so I had to register my details with them and take a receipt to pay later.

And, ultimately, cockpunch to me for not paying sufficient attention to where the fucking stupid sat nav was taking me.


have another one for not ticking ‘No toll roads’ in the settings

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Think he covered that in the last paragraph…:sunglasses:

No he didn’t.
He followed the Sat Nav directions which took him to the toll road,
If he had ticked ‘No Toll Roads’ in the Sat Nav menu it would have found an alternative route

Cock Punch to you too!

And you know for a fact that his specific Hyundai has that option?

Does anyone use the built in sat nav systems?

All decent sat navs have this option.
Do you know his hasn’t?
It would be exceptional if it didn’t.

So, no then. :smiley:

You are exceptional Kev :smiley:

Jim just admit that you are wrong again and you can’t read properly :roll_eyes:

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Jim’s chauffeurs always know how to use the satnav properly.



And it is Adam we are talking about! :grinning:

I don’t, ime they’re shit.

Combination of waze and google maps works well for me.

Neither do I, I generally use Waze. The way the traffic was backed up on the south bound M5 this morning from J6 to almost Bromsgrove. Worcester and Detroitwich grid locked with traffic trying to avoid it you need a miracle never mind a sat nav :rage::rage::rage:

The VW one is actually vaguely useful generally if you use your phone as a hotspot for up to date traffic info.

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