The all-new shiny cockpunch thread

Yes. This is the fundamental point of corporate business. Some would argue it’s not sad, it’s just what ‘business’ is, and maybe it’s better that the charities get something rather than Google getting it.

The charity I volunteer at gets all sorts of stuff from the supermarkets. They get some benefits in return (it’s good PR, it boosts their staff’s morale and they can sometimes send us stuff which would otherwise disrupt their workflow or which would cost them to dispose of), but if it were to significantly dent their bottom line then I suspect they’d stop doing it.

So basically Bezos is using charity donations as a weapon against Google to reduce their influence.

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Not any more!


The cunts responsable for this:

And why the fuck is it in the Newsbeat section when it might be slightly more useful in the General section…


Fucking scammers.

Have had 3 scammers contact me on the wam about ads :rage:

Should have been more careful but one wanted to see the receipt first so I sent him a screenshot which has my address on :frowning_face:

Alarm bells going crazy when he then asked for a copy of my passport and a utility bill. Time to start switching on the burglar alarm and keep something handy by the front door :hammer: :hammer: :hammer:


I work for your bank and due to a security breach we’re sending a courier to your address this morning to pick up your bank card. Your new bank card will arrive by post tomorrow. To identify yourself to the courier, please give him your pin number.


Mass fanny thump to the Microwave Coven who have seemingly monopolised the sole remaining method of reheating food in the office.

(I might be a bit hangry)


Reminds me of a colleague who would send out passive-aggressive e-mails to the whole team about “my fridge” :laughing:

I think you mean “the fridge”.

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Office air fryer is what you need.

Big enough that you can put deserving people in.


Amazed you have enough people in the office for that to be an issue.

We have gone from 130+ per day pre-covid and car parking wars, to about 15-20 and no one on a Friday with two kitchens between them!

We are looking to sell the place and re-purpose it in the meantime

Our office block is worse since COVID, seems the London types have moved in and still like to get out of the house. Thankfully the crackhead block I’m working in is mostly stolen bikes and car park empty. We actually lost a member of the admin team at said office because they couldn’t park their car conveniently. No one likes to park near the met office


the other person won’t get a word in with that filibustering twat.


Well, now we know one of the things he’ll be doing if he fails to retain his seat next year.


Lot’s of anecdotes about having a raucous port session with Pitt the elder


God no, he wouldn’t condescend to phone ins with the plethos

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Got the Greek bit right, you can’t have everything :grinning: