The all-new shiny cockpunch thread

Off-lead dog-walkers.

Actually caught this one as its dog was attacking the alpacas. Was she contrite? Was she fucking fuck.

It’s not my fault!” [What, that you ignored the ‘Dogs On Leads’ and ‘Livestock’ signs? Or that you haven’t trained/controlled your fucking dog?]
I’m new to the area!” [New to any sense of responsibility]
He came straight back!” [No he fucking didn’t, because I saw the whole damned thing]

Really lovely having to step over numerous large piles of shit left by other off-leaders to catch-up to her, too.

I probably overdid the flea-in-ear thing, but at least it wasn’t a bloke, because the red mist was closing over and I could do without gaol time / trip to hopsital.


What I don’t get , is after all this time you didn’t go straight in with the spade to the head like the rest of the neighbourhood.? Otherwise stop whining about humanity when you know full well, it’s a lovely place to live.

Cockpunch to bankers and their fucking bonuses.
The bank fails, has to be rescued and is bought for $1 and they still get paid out


Same old same old.

That’s all right then

I don’t think that the UK bank actually needed a bailout, but the name was so toxic it ended up being forced on them!

Likely takeover of Credit Suisse by UBS…

And another CP to these MoD wankers

CP to me.

Cooked a big spagbol last night with enough left over to freeze 4 more meals.
Everything went to plan apart from putting the 2 boxes into the freezer. Walked in to the kitchen this morning and there they were.

Feels like forgetting to take your lunch to work, only worse.


Paypal!!! I have been trying since yesterday to make a refund, it keeps telling me that there’s a technical issue and to try later. It’s making me look like an even bigger cunt than I really am :rage:

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No really, it is I’ve tried lots of times.:smile:

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I’ve found paypal can play up if you’re using a vpn. If you are, try switching it off. If not then carry on as you were. :grinning:

I’m not. It normally works fine.

It’ll be fine - food doesn’t go ‘off’ overnight. Spag bol I just leave in the pan for the next day when I cook a double batch :ok_hand:


Me too

Once, doing student theatre in Edinburgh, I got to spend 48 hours in the Royal Infirmary after eating ‘day after’ chicken casserole that had somehow gone wrong (large-scale catering done by people who didn’t really know what they were doing and who were too exhausted to care much anyway). No-one got sick the first time around, so I guess it was effectively cooked to begin with, but whatever grew in it while it was very slowly cooling on the stove top wasn’t killed by the (probably inadequate) re-heat it got the next afternoon. I wasn’t the only one struck down by D&V, the common factor being the chicken, but being type 1 diabetic in the days before DIY blood sugar monitoring the medics were reluctant to release me back into my own care.

Clearly something was inadequately cooked first time out, and the extra day let the bacteria proliferate; very unpleasant, especially with you Type 1 to consider…

Given the considerable care Graham takes with absolutely everything I’d assumed nothing like that would be likely…

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The cunt that drove at me whilst I was crossing a road, resulting in me ending up on their bonnet.

Fortunately no damage has revealed itself since Saturday…