The Allotment has nearly had a clean shave


“To ensure mildew is kept at bay on artificial grass use bleach or if particularly severe, ammonia.”
(Source - Stronzetto)



Very nice! I wouldn’t want to open the batting on it, but get the heavy roller to it and it will take spin by the third day. Bit fucking difficult fielding at second slip with the shed in the way though…


Gold medal at Chelsea guaranteed. The horticultural equivalent of Tracey Emin’s Bed


Looks finished to me.


Slip goes next to dickie birdbath


Anyway,enough of the mocking,by 7pm it will be fit for the womens Brazilian beach volleyball team


Lucky you



Leg slip, or do you only allow left handers onto the hallowed surface?


I would leave as is and just grow cabbages in it.

By the way… have the Navy been in touch yet about your Astra? Rumour has it that they need a new catapault system trialling and the Astra with a towrope has been mentioned. :slight_smile:


Lack of sand stops play;


Those Brazilian girls must be properly hacked off. All that travelling, freshly laundered bikinis & not even a net. I think I saw them getting hammered in the Rock earlier.


Volleyball commences at 8.30pm.


Needs a rake, and a net, mostly I’m impressed with the changing rooms


Bikini chewing volleyballists or not, it’s just a bit further down the inexorable slide towards fully paved. :grin:


Trolling dog makes raking hard


Sadly patch doesn’t rate my gardening efforts this week


If you’d been down there today I’m sure you could’ve had some turf away from the lane.

Think of the pleasure watching that die would’ve given you :+1:


12 weeks to deconstruct the stadium - apparently all members will get a resin key ring with a bit of the pitch in it. Season ticket holders have been offered their seat for £50 - all monies to the THFC trust.


I imagine most Spurs fans will be glad to see the back of the place and be hoping for some actual success in the new stadium. :grin: