The Allotment has nearly had a clean shave


are you trolling?

In fact quite the opposite with regard to feelings towards the stadium. In the annuls of history we are aware of the fact that trophies haven’t come recently and that trophies are the measure of success, and we strive for that. But over the season we are pleased to have improved on last season.

Historical success is no indicator of future success… so yes past achievements are nice, but count for nothing looking forwards.


Is Kyle Walker going to City?


I asked my season ticket holding mate - and he said opinion around the season ticket holders is no… and Walkers reaction to the crest on his shirt at the ceremony suggests no.

I asked my season ticket holding brother, who works for an agency who produces merchandise for most the the prem clubs, and can usually get accurate insider info from Spurs… and he says no.

Personally I suspect that Spurs don’t want him to go, but if he wanted it due to the salary structure then Levy will stick it out for top dollar -


Getting back on track, allotment has nearly had clean shave


Alls well on my little patch, lettuce growing in the horn especially good


Astro turf ordered,should be here next week.


Expecting the garden to look similar to this;


You got so close last time and you already have the step in front of the shed to recreate the HaHa.


Hopefully going down tomorrow


Good to see you not rushing it :roll_eyes:


Me too :open_mouth::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Capability brown took years on some of his projects.

I think he would be extremely impressed by my work.




Incapability Brown?


Incapability Green


Starts off green, ends up brown


Starting to know how capability brown must of felt whilst doing some of his palace gardens


Stu - A reminder before you lay it - green side upwards.


how are you holding it down? gaffer tape or something else interesting.


Its just one piece,so just the pins