The Football


Does she play for Chelsea?


You are right Guy, the thing is if Sarri does go who would we get?


Anyone but Brendan please :grinning:


Sunderland have just jizzed £3M on Will Grigg. Seems like an awful lot of money to me…


Never 'eard of 'im


He’s highly inflammable.


He’ll go down well with the fans then :grin:


Lazar Markovic (remember him?) gone to Fulham on a permanent deal too. There is somebody whose career is on the skids. Perhaps the £20M price tag was too big a weight for him to carry at Liverpool. He should do better after a free transfer.


Batshuayi off to Palace on loan.


Good signing.


I expect him to do very well there


We were trying to sign him a while ago until Chel$ki offered a shit load of wonga and then did the usual and farmed him out.
Hopefully, he’ll do well for us this time. God knows, we need it


When he came of the bench he scored some important goals for us.


That I know. What I don’t get is why he ended up on loan


He just didn’t do it for us as a starter. Did very well in Germany but not in Spain.


I hope Sarf Lunon is to his tastes. At least he can (probably) get a cab home


An illegal cab?


and a kebab :ok_hand:


Wouldn’t be surprised to see Silva get the sack after this.


Plymouth do it again,5 wins out the last 6 games