The Football


Higuain gets 2 for Chelsea in a 5-0 win. :heart_eyes:


Hard to see how Huddersfield and Fulham will escape relegation…A must win match for Cardiff tonight


2nd was meant to be very good.


In Burnley…

13 Brighton 25 -9 27
14 Crystal Palace 25 -7 26
15 Newcastle 25 -12 24
16 Southampton 25 -15 24
17 Burnley 25 -20 24
18 Cardiff 25 -24 22

Pick one from 6 to join Fulham and Huddersfield


Hopefully Cardiff because Colin Wanker, the absolute wanker.


I was actually pleasantly surprised with his substitution bringing an attacking player on when in front, if I remember correctly (I’m a bit pissed right now).



Love that commentary.


Damn good player at Hull on loan. Classy feet and superb passer.
But often anonymous and only really excels when you are playing fast and well.
Just what you need for a relegation dogfight… errrrrrr…

I know Tom Cairney indirectly and his Auntie was telling me he can’t get a game as CR wants to play chase ball and not football. Why they sign a lightweight playmaker if that’s the case is beyond me.
If he was cheap he’s a good option to unlock defences though. If his mind is on it!


Utd needing a kick up the backside & to take off Sanchez & bring on Martial.


Ole must be reading this…


Undoubtedly. He was waiting for tips from Puncle but has made do with my input.


City like an early goal, don’t they.

Haha, back level.


Chris Waddle on BBC Radio 5 live

The next goal is so important.

Fee justified, right there.


Very sad news but I hope the families can take some little comfort from this.


Oi. Warnock is a legend. Don’t underestimate him. I’m a Cardiff season ticket holder and he’s the best manager we’ve had in the 30 years I’ve been following them. He gets results even if attractive football often comes second. The team spirit is very strong and that is largely down to Warnock.

I can understand oppostion fans despising him but when he’s your manager its a different story. The fans love him.



:+1: Fixt, so we can all agree with you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Or put another way, you lot like him but everyone else thinks he’s a wanker.