The Football


See my second paragraph poindexter.


My way stresses that more people know what a wanker he is :+1:


I like him. Just don’t like Cardiff :wink:


Expecting same old, same old!


Ashley Cole is shit at punditry.


Breach of copyright.:rage:


If Liverpool can’t beat this lot then Klopp needs to hand in his notice.:triumph:


Just getting in before you :grinning:.




Anderson is top class but none of your other players would get near Liverpools squad.


Fair enough


Interesting that Klopp had dropped Shaqiri who ddin’t do much when given the chance to start a game against Leicester. Hopefully he can come off the bench to greater effect today.


How does the linesman not see the offside there? It was 4 yards from him.


Mile offside




Howler from the lino.


Get in.


Given the 12 month wait and his reputation Keita has been a massive disappointment - sell him in the summer and buy someone else - though whether that is Klopp’s decision depends on whether we win silverware this season. The pair of them can fuck off if we don’t.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Calm down. :roll_eyes:


Gadzooks, Mark Noble is shite