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Liverpool clearly trying their best to be worse than Everton at defending set pieces.:tired_face:


Wow, is this lino on a work placement scheme?


Day job as a piece of flooring?


That is rancid. :+1:


Haha, Carroll, what a twat! :joy:


Naby …the more he plays the worse he gets

Gutted watching him


Lol, another offside missed.

Decent game, fair result.




Thought he was great tonight. Funny old game.




He’s off the pace, and missed far too many tackles and passes for me…I know he’s capable but im expecting much more strength driving through


I thought Keita was ok, nothing more. Firmino was very poor tonight. Anderson and Rice were very good for the 'ammers.


Agreed firmino last couple of games have been similiar. He has these 2-3 patches and then is outstanding in the next 4-5


Liverpool were garbage and lucky to get one.:weary:


As good a player as he can be, if these figures are correct he’s not good enough to be in a side with title ambitions.

From what I’ve seen of him, he’s a fantastic player (on TV only and I don’t count the five minutes of highlights you get on MOTD) Tonight was the first time in ages I’ve seen him have a really poor game.


Tonight was particular last game not much better, but even when he’s not fantastic he’s still a hard working team player and creates and finds chances.
That’s how it is sometimes. Don’t get me wrong He’s always a starter for me


We’ve not looked good with the pressure of running the pack to the line so far




If only Jose had tried to cheer up Utd’s squad like this.