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He has made a couple of bloopers against Leicester and Man Utd but they didn’t cost us points and overall he has been as reliable as any other goalie bar De Gea, and he is not responsible for our current malaise.


Eh? You’re top of the bloody league!


The misérabiliste is miserable
Heaven knows.


There are three types of misérabiliste:
a. My glass is half full
b. My glass half empty
c. My glass is inappropriate for this beverage and I want a Waterford Crystal Goblet!


I prefer ‘my glass has been smashed so that I can slash my wrists’.

That was in happier times though.:roll_eyes:


Meh! Attention whore is attention seeking…



Man City about to get another walk-over draw in the cup. Good times.


I wouldn’t worry about it, your lads can enjoy the day off :wink:


Some of us haven’t the luxury of playing non league teams week in week out.


Do you think if they had drawn Chelsea or Man Utd away that they would play their best XI? (I’m assuming they won’t against Newport)

I’m genuinely interested in your reply btw.


Idk, but they played one recognised first teamer against Burton. I’m sure that wouldn’t have been the line up.


Wolves 3 - 2 Shrewsbury.

Only on the wireless.

Why can’t there be some way a local derby like this that will probably never happen again be found a slot on local tv, whether it be BBC 2 or ITV 15 (or whatever)


Some of the pitches that these non-league clubs have though…


So 13 games to go. What will be the order the top 3 finish in? They’ve all got Champions League commitments. I think it’ll be City, Liverpool then Spurs although Liverpool need to rediscover some form fairly urgently.


Need to have a look at what games they all have left


Looking forward to Everton giving City a torrid time tonight.




You are Donald Tusk and I claim my £5.:laughing:


Sigurdsson and Richarlison only on the bench for Everton.

Conspiracy theories in 3,2,1…


He has been rubbish the last two or three weeks anyway.