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Agree, its dreadful.




Brum penalty?




Reminded me of an old 70s Div 1 game,quite enjoyed it


Terrific goal by Grealish but Mings at the back was immense. Unbeaten against the scum for 16 games now :grin:



Wow, Wolves :shushing_face:


What was De Gea doing there?



Soft penalty to say the least.


Was terribly soft - wonder if VAR would have changed the decision?

Never understood why goalies dive the wrong way before the ball is kicked. I’d dock De Gea a year wages for not saving that.:fearful:

Solskjaer out.:stuck_out_tongue:


I saw an interview with, iirc, Shilton, and he explained that if you wait till the striker kicks the ball, you’re too late to reach it if he goes anywhere apart from down the middle, so you just have to guess. I suppose it gives the penalty taker a split second to go the other way.


But if, as very often happens, it goes near the middle you will save it.
Sky showed a graphic of where Abamoyang (yes I know that is not spelt right but can’t be arsed to check) has put his 5 penalties and three were exactly in the same spot as today’s.


The battle for 3rd and 4th is at least going to keep the season interesting.


This is the kind of scum you’re dealing with :confounded:


He’ll be going to prison.


Not only is he going to prison he seems to have some of the Zulus after him. Rather him than me. He’ll learn the hard way.


Best thing in footie world this weekend


Well, you can’t win them all, they looked jaded from injuries, travelling and playing in mid-week. Onwards and upwards.