The Milk Float Thread

Not exactly a recommended day out for KettleJnrs.

Fussy buggers.

Now we’re talking…


Supra with a Tesla nose?


More Lexus than Supra… a bastard offspring in any case

Levella. Fuck off with that. No really.

Design is quite nice though.

It also harks back to the original 240Z…

Don’t think so, all supra to me, except the very front:


That must be a collaboration or licensed design?

I think it’s just a bored kid and photoshop tbh, don’t believe it exists


Yep more likely :roll_eyes:

Fake news. Like an awful lot of stuff these days.
The roadster is their only hot hatch and it’s not that.
They have zero capacity to even think of another sports car at the moment.

Never having seen one before I take your point :grin:

For what little its worth, my tuppence on the Polestar 2

It’s bloody excellent at many things.

We only have the standard range (thanks Sixt) but it\s enough to give a feel for what the Long range model would be like, power aside.

Interior quality is fantastic, save for the silly single cup holder and the plastic on the centre console.

ICE is second to none, and free of ridiculous bells and whistles (looking at you, Audi) . A lesson in simplicity

Ride is excellent IMHO, and - no surprise here - seats are bloody excellent too.

I would take this over a 3 in a heartbeat


Bloody hell, just found out that when I charged up at the Osprey pump in Skipton I was charged £1 kw :roll_eyes:

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Other brother got his Tesla company car the other week and had a look at it this morning.

It’s not the long range high performance thing but is really impressive. Really like the plain interior with the dash being a sort of light ash effect strip.

Nice ride and fuck me it accelerates, my other brothers Polestar is faster but the Tesla just throws you back in your seat when you initially put your foot down.


BBC and RAC in “complete guff about EVs” shock. How many people who have an EV and home charging don’t have a specific tariff?

I can only assume that the RAC subcontracted Simon Williams from every Newsthump article…

It specifically starts with public rapid chargers. These are commonly a quid per kWh now.

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So the mrs has her Tucson PHEV now and we are currently using the granny charger to keep the battery topped up, she does 5 miles a day and it has a 19kwh (iirc) battery. I’m thinking of getting a lockable outdoor socket put outside rather than stringing it across the garage door but is there any advantage in getting a wall charger for our use case.
I know there was a discussion on this and commando sockets and open ev but I’m a lazy cunt so a) can’t be arsed finding the conversation and b) can’t be arsed actually building anything.
Any insights, comments, abuse grudgingly received.