The Milk Float Thread

IIRC they were legal to sell, but they pushed Suzuki’s average emissions too high. So despite the two-year waiting list, they were withdrawn.


€22,844 Viby Denmark 2022 2000mls

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Now we have left the EU and had a bonfire of red tape, maybe they could bring it back?

Cue the Hitler rant about German 4x4s.

Back on topic; is there a Hitler rant about Elon, or other milk floats?

Taycan pickup on 1st December. Ordered 19th July 2021 so almost 18 months of delays mostly due to chip shortages and possibly unusual options being built in batches so waiting for others as daft as me.
I must say if I’d known I probably wouldn’t have bothered, in many ways the car I already have is better for a lot of what I do but…


Huge congrats, Frank. I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

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I did have to have a second trial and a go at the Porsche Experience at Silverstone to stop me cancelling the order!
I can’t wait now and may not get much sleep.


I did check out the ST but on the shite roads around here I preferred the CT’s extra 20mm of bump travel for ride in normal setting. It still has Sport and Sport+ settings but yes the horrid plastic trim.
Mind you it may protect the extremities from scrapes going into the garage - I am very old and it is mahoosive.


Do you live In Norfolk?

Hope you enjoy it Frank, you’ve waited long enough.

The local roads labelled as A roads are narrower and worse surfaced than the B roads in the North East of Scotland whence my wife hails.


Yeah, sorry, I think I actually knew that. I was referencing a forum in joke, wherein @jim s garage at his (imminently vacated) house in Norfolk didn’t quite measure up to expectations, hence we now have our own definition of something smaller than expected: A Norfolk Garage.

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Ironically, the garage at the new place is even smaller, but I have no expectations of it being converted into a listening room. :slightly_smiling_face:


Made me chuckle


Buying a Skoda Citigo Jim?

I see them quite often!

I had no idea they were no longer on sale in the UK: they certainly are here :denmark:

Today I sat in a dank waiting room in an industrial estate in Twyford for 2 hours, waiting for my car to receive it’s First Service.
A couple of warranty fixes, plus a software update.
Total bill = £115 !!!


I forget…
Did you buy an AvtoVAZ-E?:slightly_smiling_face:
Service Russian style.

On the same theme.

Just to point out I like EVs & will buy one if/when they become affordable.

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Today, on the way back from Builth Wells I stopped to charge at a recently installed GENIE Point charger in Leominster. For some unfathomable reason you can only pay via their app. Guess what? No fucking signal. WTF is wrong with providing a contactless payment option like every other fucker? CUNTZ!!!