The Milk Float Thread

Mine works without unlocking the phone. But yeah, maybe adding a PIN would be a good plan…

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After weeks and weeks of where is my car , twoc off. I have a date 24th march. The Feb date was a miscommunication and a death at the dealers. I ordered black so might have a done a last bugle side swipe. Fingers crossed for the time being. Charger on its way


The charge curve on the Tesla is great. Mine has the new LFP batteries, which need to be treated differently from standard lithium ion batteries - they should have a much longer life, in terms of number of charges to 100%, but the voltage is very flat from 20-90-odd percent. This means that the car can’t work out the exact battery % easily.

The advice that Tesla give is to charge to 100% at least once a week, or indeed every time. That’s great if you can charge at home, but I rarely can.

The Hyundai was a real hassle charging, as at about 85% it would drop from its full speed (I never got it charging faster than about 45kW) to below 20kW, and above 90% it would reduce to single figures. Even in the 70%s it would drop into the low 30s.

But this is how fast the Tesla charges at a charger that maxes out at 47kW or so:

Once it gets to 99%, it starts to drop away, getting as low as 2kW as it calibrates the battery. This takes about 5 minutes.

Ultimately it takes about an hour to go from 20% to full, where the Hyundai would take that long to get to 85%. So I can comply with the “charge to 100% every week” suggestion easily enough. Nice.


@edd9000 some pretty cheap inventory Model 3s now. Sub £30k.

Pretty funny that Tesla have put Enhanced Autopilot on them all as well which is ostensibly a £3,400 option but actually worth about 5p. Inventory | Tesla M3P!

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They had a bunch right down to 25k, they all sold in about 2 days.

We have the ionic until May 2024 I’m hoping a used Y might be affordable by then. Or Polestar or Enyaq.

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If you need the (gargantuan) space of the Y, then I really don’t see any competition whatsoever at the prices they’re falling to

I was at the Ideal Home show at the weekend (no idea why tbh it was very dull) anyway I thought the VW ID.Buzz looked nice. Couldn’t see the interior as it was cordoned off which begs the question why bring it then?


There was a flurry of excitement over another price drop this month, but I don’t think it happened. Was it just for the model S and X?

I’ve had a good look around one that I saw in the street and got chatting to its owner - interior is a bit too light and does not look dog proof!

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I was at VW garage this morning having a service, and a had a shuftie around the Buzz

What a colossal disappointment. I had kinda assumed from the genuinely brilliant exterior that it’d be equally impressive inside, but it’s ‘just’ an ID4 interior, and it did not look as though everything would fold flat in the back, for those planning on dogging.


Sorry, poor writing.

The price they’ve fallen to.

I’ve not seen anything about any expected further falls on 3 or Y (but yes, S/X fell last week over here…and they’re still way too expensive)

The ID.Buzz seems a real cop out so far - it’s just a car with different doors. They are presumably relying on the custom market to build the things that people actually want, which is rather pathetic IMO.

Less about space and more about rear leg room as my son is tall. The Enyaq seems to have a lot of rear leg room. An suv/hatchback would be best because of the dog. I don’t know if we will end up with another small run about and I keep something like the Lexus or if we will be able to get a truly do everything car. Which lets me buy something really dumb.

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It’s not just really tall kids - my son is about 5’8" now, and he moaned about the legroom in the Ironiq even on short journeys. With the Tesla Y there’s loads of space and so he doesn’t moan. You pay a lot so your kids don’t moan!

Re space in the boot it’s second to none. Fucking enormous. We like to drive to holidays, and this will work.

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Kiddo doesn’t really complain, we have done 1-2 hour journeys. Its just not pleasant and the youngest keeps getting taller too.

Just collected the Ioniq from the main dealer after having it’s 5 year service, no work needed, no advisories, spotlessly clean inside and out. £125 all in :+1:


People who buy Model Y’s in accountant grey aren’t really qualify to judge on the interestingness of cars. :woozy_face:


Er, that’s what they say it is, it’s advertised as a car with MPV/SUV features and is also available as a van. Perhaps you should read the blurb before assuming it is a camper.

It’s essentially an electric version of the old T2 microbus (but VW have said they will release a camper version in a few years)

Ah, that’s kinda what I was expecting when I slid the door open