The Milk Float Thread


It’s got a huge cellar as well :heart_eyes:


Hard to argue with but I have to admit that I lived in Paris for a decade and I absolutely loved the life there.


I think it’s more that most Parisians are cunts, the rest of France is a lot better. You still get the odd arsehole, but that’s no different to the UK.


Yes. My time there was crucial in making me the massive cunt I am today.


I worked in Paris for about a year back in the 70s. The first McDonalds in Europe opened just around the corner from the digs.

So I probably had a Big Mac before any of yoos cunts :stuck_out_tongue:


Royale wi’ Cheese.


I’d rather be remembered for finding a cure for disease, or inventing the telephone, but if being the first to have a Big Mac makes you happy then I’m chuffed for you :grinning:


The place where the digs were was in an area populated by loads of Nth Africans - so the MaccyD was a nice change from couscous. :+1:


Dragging the thread back on topic I found these gorgeous seat covers today. :heart_eyes:



Even back then, I wasn’t that slim…


Is that our @Jim? Hard to tell without the beard. Not exactly a testament to the healing powers of the big Mac diet though, although the moobs seem about the same size…



What the world needs is Rotary hybrid, combining an interesting high performance petrol engine, batteries, the practicality and performance of an Astra and be able to do great MPG on a run.

I present the ‘Lexastwankleaf’.


brown seat covers???




Hybrids aren’t that bad - yes we ditched the leaf and went for a hybrid as the leafs pcp meant we’d spend over 12k on a car worth 6.5k to buy it - nope.

I find it running on electric only at the oddest times, obviously crawling along in stop start traffic is where hybrids are traditionally at their most electricky but how about at 70mph on a perfectly flat or slight down hill gradient? Yep electric only. Increase the gradient downhill and it goes into regen mode. The last 1/2 mile of most of my journeys home which is 30mph through housing estates? Yep electric only.

The upshot of this is having a big SUV capable of some startling acceleration (thank you electric motor torque - reputed to be 500+ lb/ft at launch), enough room for 5 adults in comfort and their luggage and fuel economy of 40+mpg if you’re careful and 30mpg if you decide that the Range rover sport on your bumper needs putting in their place (not the SVE version obviously).

If you want even more push, some saloons are stupidly quick (5 secs 0-60) with better fuel economy, but less practicality, well the batteries have to go somewhere don;t they.

I’d still consider an electric car in the future but really they need to gain some consumer confidence wrt batteries unless they have tesla on the bootlid. That said the i3 is 15k up 2nd hand so there is some sign this is happening.

If you can live with 4 seats then look at the vauxhall ampera, a ‘hybrid’ but the engine is a range extender only a la i3 ReX. Bit of a bargain from 8k upwards, the looks are a bit challenging though.


Interesting review, but tbh these are not really any more economical than a diesel car are they?

I never returned less than 40mpg from my 535D, while cruising at 120mph on autobahn or trolling around towns, and on long runs would do almost 50mpg…
All with cracking performance thrown in…

Imo, unless these hybrids return a min of 50-55 mpg with 60-65 on a run, there’s very little economic case for buying these… imo, and ymmv

Or is there?


Tax breaks if bought through a business but these are now being reduced.


That’s all fine for now, but surely there will come a time when the Govt will have to come up with a way of generating as much duty from these as conventional cars?