The Milk Float Thread


I think that the emissions are also an issue for some people


But how can you guarantee where the electricity comes from?


You can’t, although by the same logic, you should take into account the not insignificant emissions produced in getting fuel out of the ground and into your car.


And the greater emissions caused by the extraction of metals used in battery manufacture…


You know this has been done to death - electric and hybrid cars are much better for the environment than petrol or diesel.


And class d is better for the environment than valves…


I think I’d take a Tesla over a Porsche on performance grounds




I do agree that electric cars are the way forward. If all the issues about cost and range were better sorted, i would drive one now… I just don’t see how the argument for subsidising them and the loss of duty stacks up.


The closest you could get is by taking a renewables only tariff at home.


Technology will cause lots of changes to tax. VED doesn’t bring in that much money, in the scheme of things


Between fuel duty and RFL?


Long term the idea of solar panels > tesla battery pack > tesla 3 really appeals.


Just need to get rid of the requirement to carry a large battery that needs charging. That’s being worked on and the first battery/hydrogen cell cars are available. The issue here isn’t the technology that can be put in the car, it’s the nationwide infrastructure. My money is on hydrogen power cells with hydrogen becoming the chemical battery for wind power. That would suit this country to a tee.


Lol! Like they’re going to separate out all the nasty coal and gas generated leccy from the stuff that comes out of the turbines etc and only send the nice stuff specially to your house. Renewable only tariff = bollocks.


Er, you do understand how these work, right?


At a basic level, you pay your money to a bill provider that buys it’s allocation from renewable only producers. Except that the electricity you get in your house isn’t all green, it’s a Bitches Brew of all the stuff that goes into the national grid. Just because your bill provider only buys from renewable producers doesn’t mean you are paying for just renewable power, hence it’s bollocks, and expensive bollocks at that.


Correct up to the last bit, then conveniently dodging how you effect change.

Of course it’s a mixture. As there is more uptake is there is less demand for fossil and less is produced. It’s how a market works.


On top of that you all subsidise wind power every time you pay your bill. Just checked the grid, it’s providing 14%


Too many big oil fat cats to let the market change.

It should be banned, and then we would have to change. But, then, world peace should be mandatory too!