The Reading Room


Some of the covers for the sci-fi paperbacks are tremendous - I used to have a great collection of them but had to sell them after my divorce. :disappointed:

This is a treasure trove of stuff


Have just read this for the second time. A wonderfully written account of travels in Afghanistan



Chris @vacdac buy it before it’s out of print again.


It’s also available as a Kindle book, which suits me better.


It’s a brilliant book - much more than just a history of the free jazz movement. There is a particular bit in the Sun Ra chapter where you just want to be transported back to it.



I now need all the Impulse albums on vinyl :grinning:


Covenant with Death by John Harris.
Novel about the First World War based on stories from survivors. It follows a group in the Sheffield pals. The novel was in turn the inspiration for the song The Rose of York.


This looks interesting


Finished reading it. Powerful tale, matches with “They shall not grow old”. Well worth a read.
(apologies for citing the Heil)


Translated from German, and originally written as a history book for children, it is proving an entertaining lunchtime read at work.


Not heard of that- looks like it would be a good one for my sons birthday in a weeks time!


The best £10 you’ll spend on anything ever again


That’s my Christmas sorted and have already used some of them today in work :+1:



Enjoying this one more than Perdido St. Station @coco


I read that last year, really enjoyed it, bought Iron Council the other New Crobuzon book at the same time but for some reason haven’t started it yet


I found the first one a bit of chore, but this one’s more engaging.


I read that around the same time as I read the Kraftwerk biography (Publikation?). Excellent book.


Xmas present. All 900 18th century pages. Fortunately I got this too

which might just get me out of trouble.



Iron Council is hard going, I nearly gave up. Definitely not his best.