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A fascinating, if grim, read. As Holocaust deniers/negationists seem to be gaining new momentum I felt it was important I finally tackled this book. Strongly recommended.


I read this years ago, but misplaced it along the way. TBH it’s a long, if interesting, haul, but watching the non-musical TV adaptation has rekindled my interest so this is on its way:


Courtesy of @coco


I expect you had to buy your own, he doesn’t normally allow any one to borrow any of his porn stash


I’d imagine he has spare copies tucked away in safe spots around the house.


This is great so far, it’s similar in style to the Takeshi Kovacs trology :sunglasses:


After discovering Marina Amaral’s photographic re-colouring work (see Old Pics thread) it piqued my interest to read her book with Dan Jones.


The best children’s book ever.


Give us a clue.



Refreshing my memory so I can do it full justice as next weeks class read.


Wonderful book, I re-read it every 2 or 3 years myself. Out of curiosity, what age group are you teaching? I would imagine most young folk are only familiar with the (silly) movie retelling.


9-10. It won’t form part of their literacy curriculum but I like to read them a good story during our occasional free periods. As a book to encourage a love of reading I can’t think of anything better , I’ve used it in previous years with 11 year olds and seen them go on to tackle The Lord of the Rings. Takes a bit of effort to do it well though, Gollum isn’t easy to read aloud and do his dual personalities convincingly


Video posting required :grin:


No chance. If I was good enough I’d be doing it for a living. I would happily pay to see a live reading from The Hobbit if it was done well.


In the interests of saving storage space on the site

Imagine a gormless Irish housekeeper holding up a series of cards (Subterranean Homesick Blues style) with ‘go on’ written on every one


Think red nosed comatose Irish Priest responding with FECK OFF



I’ll thank you to find your own idioms and racial stereotypes in future.