The Reading Room


The Girl on the Train.


I’ve got that. In the to read pile.


Fucking Kindle is fucking fucked.

Resorted to this from reception.


And by the time you’ve finished work the shop you bought it from will be shut. Ain’t life a bitch ?



Agreed. Ruddy thing can be used as a coaster for rest of holiday.

Analogue from now on.


Looks a jovial read,what’s next, “The Croatian head slayer”?


Courtesy of @coco on Saturday, I now have my reading matter sorted for the next few months! Cheers Pete :smiley:


I think I enjoyed Altered Carbon, many years ago, might try some more of his


Second in a trilogy.

The first book (below) was the first translation to win the Hugo Award.

Recommended if you like your Sci-fi science-y


Very much warts’n’all. I’m on about my fourth genuine LOL moment.



Just bought, cost £2 delivered via prime Vs £6 for the Kindle version. Bizarre.


I know. Crazy.


Finally got round to this


Hocus-pocus is a much underused phrase. :slight_smile:

Going to use it as of tomorrow.


Just as long as you don’t progress (see what I did there ?) to the yodelling



That song has always put me in a bad mood the instant I hear it.

Or even think of it. You terrible … cun… man!


Amazing book. :+1:


We played this REALLY LOUD at Scalford a few years back on some JBL’s, went down a storm :star_struck:


After watching The Expanse I decided I wanted to get a bit deeper into the story, so I’m reading this:

I’ve got the next 3 books too.

So far the series seems to have followed the book quite closely.