The Reading Room


I’m just starting ‘The Ice Beneath Her’.


A couple of Ray Bradbury books. Read “The Martian Chronicles” over the weekend and half way through “The Illustrated Man” :+1:


I had a copy of the 1956 paperback version with the original title and it got ruined by a bad water leak along with quite a few other classics :scream:


“We haven’t been too bad, have we?”

“No, nor enormously good. I suppose that’s the trouble. We haven’t been very much of anything except us, while a big part of the world was busy being lots of quite awful things.”


Absolutely love the cover art for the early SF paperbacks - this is a belter

You need to read this (if you haven’t already) - one of the all-time great SF compilations


Also anything by Harlan Ellison he’s a fucking genius


Ordered :+1:


There is a follow-up



Look out for a great Harlan Ellison short story called "Repent, Harlequin ! " Said The Tick-Tock Man :+1:


Kill your Friends by John Nivea. Lol funny. Made for AA.





Have you started reading this yet? I’m really enjoying it.


@spacehopper copy of dangerous visions arrived today :+1:


Splendid - you’ll love it some crackers in it. Has it got the excellent wee illustrations ?






Still working my way through this lot:

Book 7 on pre-order too.


I bought the first one last weekend.


I got the first 4 as a bundle for £15 from a seller on Amazon.

Just started Cibola Burn yesterday. Past where the TV series is upto now.


I’m on number 5, they’re great