The shit that does merit its own thread

Walked up and took the knife off him. At very worst hit his arm with the baton and made him drop it. Broken wrist at worst. Wouldn’t even consider pepper spraying or taser.


Well, fair enough. If you have experience of such situations, then you are better placed than me to form an opinion on how to deal with them.

I am just not jumping to conclusions and trying to keep an open mind.



I did my civic duty relatively recently.


Hypothetically, not if he was trying to cut himself too.

No justification or comment on the incident.

The article states he had been sprayed and batoned before taser use.

Unrelated, but spray is more effective and less dangerous than baton.

FWIW, his carers should have understood the nature of his condition well-enough to know that mood swings are common in dementia, and are often precipitated by stress - adding to the stress will prolong the episode and worsen its severity, so the old lad starts out fighting his imagination and ends-up fighting plod. What isn’t common in dementia is deliberate self-harm. I don’t know what the guidelines are now, but isolating him would have been the safest way forward, albeit imperfect, followed by a quick and dirty veinful of Largactyl… (or whatever’s used nowadays)

Yeah but sadly none of these places have enough staff, especially the mental health places. So many times we have to go and help when a patient goes out of control. It is particularly challenging when it’s the children ward.

Anyways, my above comments or in no way a comment on the actions of those involved in that incident.

Poor form Dom, you’re not meant to read the article, just offering random solutions based on guesswork is where it’s at.


:rofl: works for most of my “customers”


So looking forward to rubber necking pfm when this gets posted :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Sow a seed in the shit and a fucking lovely flower will grow :slight_smile:

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This website is strangely calming

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No he didn’t, he was dead long ago.

I understand a parents grief but I have a nasty feeling this was more attention seeking and a complete waste of legal aid.

I seriously don’t think you have any idea of parents grief. Your suggestion that they were attention seeking is absolutely abhorrent . Not going to say any more, I’ve made my position clear.

Shared because I have seen some NF and Swastika Graffiti in the last year or so…

I don’t, but my mother does. My 3 year old brother was killed in an accident. As a parent, she explained that the pain never goes. You don’t forget or acclimatise, even after nearly 50 years.

I must admit, I struggle with your description as “attention seeking” when that has such negative connotations. I think she just didn’t want to let go, and was clinging on to the vain hope that a miracle might happen.

Not having a go. Grief is such a personal thing. It is thus immeasurable and incomparable.