The shit that does merit its own thread

Sometimes you just to have accept that things are beyond your control, numerous Dr’s said he was “brain stem dead” I’m not denying them of any grief (nobody can do that) but to me it’s just strange that they kept fighting so publicly.

The last was trying to move him to hospice but previously they denied any movemnt:

A hearing is held to decide if further MRI scans should be conducted. Archie’s parents did not consent on the basis that moving Archie could harm him.

Actually scrub what i said, I was annoyed at what I perceived as a waste of money on legal cases but actually I do think that everyone has a right to it.

I’m just being a knob.

Hope you punched the cunts?

I didn’t unfortunately; one was at work in the shithouse. Quite unsettling to see that sort of thing at work.

I wasn’t happy with the company’s response , so I contacted the police about it.

The others were found on the bus route. White Swastikas daubed on a railway bridge and a nearby postbox.

The Local Authority did remove these within 24 hours however.

There is a shiny breaker bar waiting for any cunt I catch in the act of that kind of graffiti.

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Nothing has changed, has it?


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The party of law and order :rage::rage::rage:

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Meanwhile 10.000 jobs have been cut in The Met alone sice the Tories have been in power.
They somehow forgoit to mention that in the Telegraph article

Crime, the most secure and most lucrative occupation in the UK !

especially if you do it via a Bloomberg terminal.

Don’t worry - they are still right on top of the important crimes, like speeding.

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I suspect that the majority will be drugs related and that the offender will eventually end up in police custody. It won’t matter how many police officers you throw at this. Add to that the number of neighborhoods where the police aren’t welcome our where any one calling them will be victimised and you have modern Britain’, lovely place.

Last night as an example was, turned out before briefing to a four person fight. Then on to five children aged 6 and under left alone whilst the parent went to buy drugs. Driving back from that job found and arrested a drunk driver in front of us.
Having finally dealt with the paperwork for all that just before the end of the shift off to get a dog that fell on the railway tracks and was running around as British transport police couldn’t attend in time.

All of those were grade 1’s (injury or chance of injury etc) and the paperwork done was paperwork that had to be done that night. So no time to pick up any sort of grade 2 or 3 jobs like theft. For example the children job took 2 1/2 hours to complete the paperwork.

This is completely normal of a response shift, so the theft jobs get either pushed back as allocations to response officers to deal with in free time between jobs (they don’t have any) or attempt to be completed by a phone team who try and sort evidence gathering before passing to CID who are even more strapped for resources than response.

It’s the reality of no officers, so forces have to focus on offences against people.

Saying all this I had an allocation of a theft of some vapes from a shop. Took a month before the shop (large chain) sent the cctv. Once I finally got it I ID’d the child who took them. As CPS have zero interest in pushing that to the courts you have to find alternative disposal methods. Thankfully this child had not been done for theft before so I could go the community resolution route. The cost of the vapes was paid back to the store (who donated it to charity) and he got a strong telling off with his guardian, but no criminal record.
This does count as a detection, so would be solved on home office records. But sadly community resolutions and other disposal methods can’t often be used. So it’s up to CPS who don’t authorise the charge for theft often.


That’s interesting. More if you can be arsed with the additional paperwork.

Everything reported to police has to be investigated and crimed. But yeah it’s frustrating when it’s for example a theft and the shop just report it as policy. They have no witness, no cctv and are not interested in helping an investigation. Still means I need to write it up, crime it and then write up a finalisation and have my sergeant check it and they write up their own finalisation. Showing it’s not in public interest etc to keep it open.

Lot of time and effort for something the person reporting doesn’t want dealt with and we can’t identify any suspect.

All that paperwork, the form of it, is it set by the home office? Strikes me that a simple tick box would suffice.

CPS probably.
If anything ever comes to court it will have to be properly documented

I get that, but it appears a shit load of it will never come to court, ever, and that this is known from the outset. Thefts from shops with zero chance of prosecution, assume just reported for an insurance claim. We certainly know how to clog up a system with paperwork that no one will ever read.