The shit that does merit its own thread

Big fair play if he managed to keep that lot going.

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WTAF, this is outright psychopathy and I would expect sentences of His majesty’s pleasure in a secure hospital.

As it’s just animals they’ll get a suspended sentence with some bullshit community order.

Starts so well,the idea of bombing along the Thames
Sadly the reality that you could hop faster must of made it a non starter


Looks quite interesting!

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Then there’s the ever-present ‘mouthful-of-turds’ risk from the flotillas of floaters…

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Not exactly sure what they expected to happen?

True dat.

It’s all kicking off around here.

Last night there was all sorts of action at the nearest butcher’s. Lots of alarms, then lots of police. No idea.

Today in Herne Hill the combined Post Office and convenience store was all taped off, with police outside again.

Chatting with a guy in another store apparently someone tried to nick a bottle of wine, the storekeeper confronted him, so he decided that the best course of action was to break the bottle over the storekeeper’s head.

However he didn’t count on storekeeper #2 spagging him over the head with another bottle of wine.

Street justice Herne Hill style.


Mate of mine from my old cricket club in a barely disguised advertorial.


Supposed not to be paywalled.

Cue angry old giffers “Ow much? Rubbish!” etc.

edit: hmm, no autobox. It’s vinyl-adjacent bits and bobs.

The new season of Stargate is slated by the critics.

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Seems there is a leopard living wild in the Lake District…

Could this be something to do with all those people that bought big pussy as exotic pets before the law was changed?
tiger growling GIF

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This sort of thing:

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At some point, certainly, and you can be pretty sure an illegal trade/ownership thing still goes on.

Have to wonder if a breeding population exists? Were it snow leopards, there’s every possibility they’re hardy enough to thrive in our climate, and deer exist in huge numbers. And of course these are highly intelligent animals with cryptic camouflage and a profound wariness of humans.

4 million years ago, they were also the number 1 predator of early humans…


These guys will be needing a 301 won’t they @Ruprecht ?


Maybe I’m conjunction with the club referred to in the post above?:smile:

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Saw one in the somerset levels back in the 90s. Down there pike fishing the reens around the Kings drain and there it was, 50 yards away on the other side at 5 in the morning. No camera to hand so me and my fishing buddy decided to keep quiet about it, the piss take would have been non stop otherwise. That was back when various beasts of bits of countryside were making headlines.

Not suprised by this in the Lakes, there are nutters staring up big cat sanctuaries without permission who dont have a scoobies and that’s just the ones that make the local rag.

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