The top 3 worst looking cars you can buy in Britain, today


All SUVs. Choose any 3 you like.
Yes they are vehicles, no they are not sporty, and not particularly utility either compared to an estate car.


Honourable mention for the latest Galaxy. Rear door nicked squarely from a hearse by the look of it.


And the worst ones are:

The Porch Cayunnte. Feetballer image, mostly bought by builders. Second-hand. For 4p

The Bentley Buttugli. What were they thinking? Rappers delight.

The Lamborghini Urine. Designed to tempt feetballers out of their Cayunntes. Will be bought by the coked-up offspring of Russian gangsters.

The Rolls-Royce one is coming soon. God help us.


Would put the Bentley top of the list, then the porker and I might replace the Lamborghini with the horrendous Maserati thing.


There’s an ‘a,y,n and e’ too many in that name.


SUVs are catastrophically Rong™ as already capably pointed-out but the Lambo is by far the least Rong of the pack, especially with contenders like the Ssangwrong Turdismo out there in the wild…


Would take an estate car over an SUV any day


It’s the first SUV that I’ve really liked the design of. I’d have one if I won the lottery.


Yep, we did exactly that with Sam’s company car - more space, way less of every kind of cost, and better handling :+1:


Rong. You’re forgetting Volvo reasons why not every SUV is shit


We have estate equivalent to that - it’s cheaper to buy, cheaper to run and goes round corners better - how is the SUV better exactly (apart from being a Volvo, natch)?


Easy, it’s Moar Volvo.


Gah! Paradox brainmelt! You are both right and simultaneously Rong!



It goes down farm tracks, or Lincolnshire roads as they are other wise know, with less chance of the suspension bottoming out. There are times I would swap my s for a xc


Volvo XC, prime cuntwagon.


Yessss. [fistpump]


SUVs do serve one purpose, they give people with estate cars something to metaphorically look down on.

Lets face it, before SUVs, estate cars were never considered better than anything :slight_smile:

Pick ups are the new SUvs. God bless the self employed and their VAT free company pick ups hitting the used market.


Or you can just not drive like an unobservant cunt on the relatively few really bad roads and enjoy the benefits of better handling, economy, lower price etc…

Says man with glorified Beetle… :rofl:


SUVs are almost all stupidly heavy, have the aerodynamics of a slightly radiused brick and, inexcusably, much less space than an estate covering the same amount of road they are an inverted Tardis. Too expensive and fancily trimmed these days for the only job they are any good for - farm work.
They make nervous drivers (wrongly) feel safer and give a higher viewpoint than a proper car.
They are all completely shite as cars.