The top 3 worst looking cars you can buy in Britain, today


SUV=cunt tightener.


I’m quoting this again, because of reasons. :ok_hand:


I like my SUV and I am happy.


Its fairly simple, if you had one you’d probably like it, but you don’t so you’re a hater.


But to be fair, they are WANK!


I refer you to the post above.


A few years back, i fancied an SUV for a change. I’d always been a BMW man, so I bought a nearly-new X5 4.8S.

I hated it. Despite the massive V8 engine, it wasn’t particularly quick (especially compared to it’s M5 predecessor), it rolled too much when cornering, was uncomfortably wide, had shit luggage capacity and was extremely juicy. The only plus point was the good visibility from the high driving position.

Only kept it for a few months and lost £8k when I sold it :frowning_face: What a total cunt I was for buying it! :roll_eyes:


I sometimes rent big a SUV for a few days when im working in the US. They’re ok over there, loads of space on the roads, wider parking bays, cheap fuel and they’re comfortable for driving BIG distances in straight lines.

Drive one over here on our small congested road network and you just look like an obnoxious tw@.


Why the fuck would I like one? I shan’t be owning one because I have driven several and they were all shite, that is why I don’t like them, so I definitely will not be buying one.
Having a heavy, unaerodynamic vehicle is psychologically difficult for me anyway because I spent the whole of my career designing the most efficient cars that I could. Plus there are plenty of good cars to choose from anyway that don’t need fitting with low-grip tyres to pass the roll-over test.
I don’t hate them, am just baffled by them being popular.


Case closed.

Anyway, different people might like different things shocker!


I find driving on the roads these days to be a shite experience in any car. Given that, the comfortable seating position, viewing height ( great round the LD lanes), road dominance (see previous), dog carrying abilities, wood carrying capacity and total lack of giving a shite about kerbing it (ditches, rocks, hedges etc) make it a winner for me. if i could afford a good Landy 110 I’d be at it like a flash.

In the meantime a truck or summat along the lines of a RAV or X Trail will suffice.

As for mini SUVs, hateful fucking things :slight_smile:


You can get all of these features with a Jimny for significantly less money. And it can go off road, and it works in the snow. :smiley:


…and it has my name on it (nearly) :grin:


I like my SUV. Mainly because it was free. :smile:

I wouldn’t spend my own money on one!


Does driving a BMW SUV make you a double cunt then? :thinking:


Same here, ours was a gift from Lou’s Dad when he decided he had to give up driving. When it needs replacing it will not be with another SUV. We will have to get an estate though, need the room for the dogs.


Off topic though - the 110 is a proper off-road vehicle, plus where you live somewhat justifies ownership of something capable of working in extreme weather. It’s crap like this…

…that makes no rational sense to anyone who isn’t an Oompa-Loompa or a fashion victim.
It’s like the automotive equivalent of strapping bricks to the soles of your shoes to make yourself taller and more stable - it only partly succeeds while becoming significantly worse at doing everything else.


Bloke who designed F1 cars doesn’t like SUVs.



Was? Really? You seem to be implying there has been some sort of amnesty. Just wtf.


:angry: You can sit on my digit and spin. Fucker.