Today I have mainly been V2.0


Ah, just realised there’s a shitload of Naim on the right, so irony isn’t really an option.


Is that a lot of Levinson on one side, a lot if Naim on the other and a lot of PMC in between?



Those PMC speakers are £45,000. Hmmm.


It was running off the Naim (including a Statement which you can just about see). It costs (quite a bit) more than the post divorce houses I am looking at right now.

Didn’t play any Floyd. Did play Smack My Bitch Up at the sort of volume that makes your vision go wibbly though which was amusing.


Changing the irony theme to one of sarcasm, Simon?


Great album :+1:


Bit more space than Alastair’s house!!


I looked up “lovely gif” to get a nice ironic one, but they were all just… lovely… Which struck me as ironic, really.


Yummee , looks some nice speakers


Bailed out of an interesting holiday cottage which smelt of damp, had broken Roman blinds , kitchen doors which were all delaminated and listened to some little rodent scrabbling away in the roof above bedroom overnight. Well it was only 288 for the week so not too bad really. Now waiting for a plumber after a lot of nagging to come at a flat to do some urgent repairs


Finally getting some GPs on board to trial a new screening tool for cardiac arrhythmia :+1:


Best part of an hour fiddling about with the settings on the back of my AG Finos. Between the bass volume and freq dials I got lost for a while trying to find the right balance before ending up with 6 on the bass (maybe dial back to 5.5 in a bit) and freq down to 4 (from 5.5).

They’re in corners so negotiating your way around the back of the horns with a torch and fiddling with dials doesn’t help with the general trial and error.


Have you read the AG guide to faffing with them?

The first thing to bear in mind is that those amps are used in a broad cross-section of their range, so the “best” crossover frequency for your speakers is only a portion of the dial range.

Typically you need to be right aound at the 2 o’clock-6’oclock position (a high xover frequency) with the smaller horned variants (Finos/Unos), otherwise you’re asking the horn to do too much work.

I set that first, then tweak the sub volume down to suit.


Faff is right :rofl:

Yeah more luck than judgement or instruction, I set the xover lower than I originally had it, and also dropped the sub volume down very low, and then stepped it up slowly till it seemed obtrusive. I have it at 6 at the moment but at least now I’ve established that the best setting is either 5, 5.5 or 6.

I’m now playing with the xover freq in the range you’ve helpfully suggested, so currently at 4, I’ll now compare sound at 3 and at 5 to see if I can figure out the relative effect.

At least I’m now only having to experiment with one dial rather than the permutations of two :+1:

I do still marvel at the flexibility of these speakers ability to be able to fit into corners in small rooms and yet reproduce a big and dynamic sound


What’s the dial numbering min/max on yours? The AG recommended range is 9-12 (not clock-face)


Ah I see now - I misunderstood. You’re quoting clock position and I’m talking dial positions, doh!

From the manual -

XO Freq 1 to 11
Sub Vol 0 to 10


If it’s stops at 11 turn it to 12


I’d be tweaking in the 8-11 region, ymmv.


So sub at 5.5, and XO currently at 9.5 - sounding good :+1:

I’ll leave it like that this evening and tweak slightly up and slightly down tomorrow to see what I think.


Bumbling around the New Forest and Lymington.