Today I have mainly been V2.0


I booked a random inexpensive hotel in Kanazawa which scored well on We arrived a couple of hours ago. It has a nice bar.

Only in Japan.


at the third attempt Amazon delivered these

thankfully they were in bottle boxes, as the external packaging was wrecked.


Cleaning up the stairs ahead of new carpet being fitted next week. Last job of renovation project, taken nearly four years.

Just got the faff of pictures and stuff to sort out.


Got a little bit tipsy last night and bought some speakers…


How many pairs now?


Not that many, I’m counting the three pairs of Snell K’s as one item.


You can’t have too many pairs of speakers :laughing:


Did you buy them as an investment? :thinking:


Yes. that’s exactly what I planned all along, yes sirreee all along.


How’s that new amp turning out?


What are they please?

(yes, they’re speakers, but make and model)


It’s something special, have been trying out some different valves and it sounds fantastic with the tune audios.

For less than £2500 I got an 845 amp from china, chucked in £500 worth of valves and an autotransformer to step down to 220v.

Soundwise it’s similar to the SJS 300b I had but with the KT77’s and CV4004’s is a bit more forward or aggressive in the treble, Listening to the calcination of scout nisblett that @browellm recommended and the guitar just slams you in the chest.


Devore (funky) gibbon 88


Always wanted to hear a pair of those


Struggling to deal with my latest bout of vertigo. General feeling of queasiness interrupted by occasional full on room swirling episodes.

The walk out with the dogs was interesting, but it had to be done.


What a cool place


Sounds awful

Is there medication for it?


Not as far as I know. I do have some tablets, left over from the last time, that reduce the sickly feeling, but that’s about all. They don’t stop the dizzy stuff.


Hope it passes quickly, :pray:


My sympathies Paul, my Father suffered with it. I think his was caused by inner ear problems.