Today I have mainly been V2.0


The last (and only other) time I had it, the doc reckoned it could be down to a minor throat infection. Nothing like that atm though.


Forgive me if you’ve been asked this before, but don’t travel sickness pills help?


I think they have pretty much the same effect as the tablets I have. Reduces the sickly feeling but do nowt for the dizzy bit.


One of my friends gets vertigo sometimes after a cold, his doctor prescribed antihistamine as he thinks he may have narrow tubes in his ear which get blocked easily.


yes its an addiction its hard to shake off !


Stemetil (Prochlorperazine) is quite effective. Damps down the spurious signal the nerve ends in your inner ear are sending to your brain. It’s not a cure though. Are you getting increased tinnitus along with the vertigo? Do you think both ears are causing it or just one?


My wife had dizzy spells a while back and was prescribed anti-psychotic drugs, which was a bit worrying


That sounds an unusual & odd response. I think I’d be looking for a second opinion from an ENT specialist.


Having met Adam I think it was a perfectly reasonable response.


That’s what I’m taking, feel less sick, but no effect on dizziness


Mainly left lug, less so from the right.


Apparently ginger is good for seasickness, who knows, may help?


Yes the vertigo had nothing to do with it, just that the doc thought it a bit extreme to go straight to horse tranqs as a first response.


Strangely, I never get seasick. Not even on the roughest crossings.


I do. The trip back from ETF wasn’t fun. :confounded:


Good grief man, it’s only a 90 minute crossing, isn’t it? You must get it bad.


5 hours, Le Havre to Portsmouth but I’m sure that was relatively tame compared with what’s involved getting across to Shetland


Once went to Norway on the ferry. The sea was so bad I swear the ship was completely on its side at times. The whole ship had a scent of sick.


Ah, ok. I was assuming Dover to Calais. My mistake.

12 hours in this weather is quite an experience


:tired_face: :face_vomiting:


I reckon this was rougher, approaching Cape Horn, December 2006. Pic taken from the bridge.