Today I have mainly been V2.0


I thought the itv news started at 10 …I hadn’t realise it was Jim’s day till I read the thread…I took the time from the news time😀



Ok, carry on :+1:


Happy birthday Jim :tada:


Belated birthday wishes, Jim, hope you had a good one ! :beer::wine_glass::cocktail::tropical_drink::beers:


getting ceiling repaired in mum’s flat after the dear demented soul upstairs left the taps on !!!


Working rather than listening to records :smile:

Got some big hitting GPs signed up for the AF screening trial, and shortly be meeting a GP in Clifton as he’s really keen too.


Sleeping,dog kept me awake as he has some allergy to something.


Watching snooker while waiting for Amazon to deliver a lovely new bottle of whisky.


Which one Paul?


Got it for £35 instead of the usual £70.:grin:


Tried some of that at the ETF the other week. Very nice.


Back up to 70 quid now unfortunately…


It has just arrived - will have a wee dram later while hopefully watching Man Utd get stuffed on MOTD.:+1:


I should have bought the Wild Turkey Rare Breed that was on there for £25 the other day.

Rather kicking myself that I didn’t.


Feeling like shit all day and consequently having to break my rule of never bringing work home


Paper, I remember that. :joy:


very good , got a friend whose whole GP practice resigned from the nhs near there


Attending Bill Caddick’s funeral (see obituaries).

At the local crem, the family did the whole lot other than drive the hearse. Oldest son, Christy, gave his Dad a proper good send off. Coffin wicker design with flowers on top. Lots of laughter and clapping.

Phil Beer (Show of Hands) played and sang John O’Dream, written by Bill and everyone joined in.

That’s the way to go.


Tonight visited the Kate Bush pop up shop in Kings Cross Coal Drops and grabbed the Vinyl Box 4 and also nice 50 words for snow print.

The whole area between Kings Cross and St Pancras is very well done and there are some nice independent shops including a record shop in the recently opened Coal Drops.

Looks lovely in the evening and you if you want pop into Spirtland to have food and listen to a great Definitive Audio system.


Which often sounds quite ordinary and underwhelming :unamused: