Today I have mainly been V2.0


Only listen to it once during a quiet Saturday lunch. Low volume so wonder if it only come on song at higher levels.


Setting up for this.

Yep, a traitorous remainiac Euro tradition.

Edit: Slovakian friends introduced us to it.


Waiting for a plumber who was supposed to be here at 8. :tired_face:

I will check if he has a bucket in the back of his/her van when he/she arrives.


Wondering when the two guys opposite me in the office are going to finish their homoerotic workout.


you can always slice off the top of a squash bottle to pee in if you need a pee :grinning:


Resigned? Interesting, has the senior partner retired and wound the practice up?

The GP I met last night proved to be experienced in the field we are trialling in, and will prove to be a great asset to the project.

Lots of other interested GPs now coming forward so we’re getting some momentum at last.


Watching James o Brien and Kay Burley have a bit of a spat on Twitter.

Social media ftw


Thankfully I have no idea who either of those people are.



What’s Twitter ?



Imagine it’s Reginald Bosenquet v Selina Scott for the older ones here


Harsh on Selena




Live from W hotel, Santiago. Just about to hit the buffet :unamused:


Make sure you have some guinea pig :yum:


Dunno about that, I have maybe The Full Chilean: let the coniptions begin :rofl:


Spent today being overwhelmed by offers from GPs to participate in the AF-stroke screening trial - crikey, nothing for 4 weeks and the last two days everyone has come back positively at the same time. Good news and a nice problem to have.


NHS, nobody responds until the deadline. If GPs are responding, there has to be money in it for them.


Why are there a pair of legs coming out the spud with flippers on?


You should know the answer to that Stu - Chile is quite close to Mexico :wink:


Indeed, it’s only 4,100 miles from Santiago to Mexico City :face_with_raised_eyebrow: