Today I have mainly been V2.0


Still waiting for the agency to confirm the contract offer before hitting SEND on my resignation.

Gits are probably out building snowmen, or having a duvet day.


Cleaning records as no one wants to work today
Suits me

Though four of my engineers got caught out last night on their way back to Plymouth. Abandoned vans in oakhampton. Two were tractored to a b@b, the other two had to walk for an hour in the snow to get to theirs…

Serves them right for not listening. On the plus side they didn’t leave the two sets of old folk without heating.


brilliant , those engineers deserve a medal


Took loin fruit to her interview today and tried to calm her nerves before going in.

She just heard back that they’ve offered her the post :smile:


FAB FAB … so pleased


She can take this confidence into her 3 more interviews lined up for next week!

Typical NHS, nothing for months but come January out come the ads.


What job did she apply for she apply for Wayne?


Congrats to her.


Mental Health Nurse. She wants to do that for a year or two while training to be a cognitive behavioural therapist.


Plenty of experience to take with her :smirk:


Blimey. Best of British luck with that.

Tough gig.


Years of treating me with positive reinforcement like a guinea pig have served her well :slightly_smiling_face:


Great news on the job offer. If she is going to go down the psychotherapy route I would suggest she maybe specialises in EMDR and PE. The NHS’s insistence on using ADs and CBT is one reason why Mental health is such a problem as it is not a cure all solution and often causes more damage.




She’s keen on talking therapies as I think it matches her skills and outlook. She’s fairly agnostic about which one and sees it as horses for courses rather than one method dogma.

CBT gives her an entry point to further training whilst being paid and gaining experience.


All will suit her skill set then as they are all essentially talking therapies, it’s what’s being talked about that differs. I wish her every success in what can be a very rewarding career. Just don’t forget to remind her that there is a Huge market for psychotherapy outside of the NHS where budgets and pressures and shit working conditions can be avoided.


Top result Wayne. There’ll be no stopping her now !


Agree. And yes I’ve said she should establish herself, gain broad experience, and then consider private sector/ private practice. I’ll be about ready to slow down by that time and can help manage her business if she needs a partner :+1:


I’ve blathered on about it before but I went to a therapist for maybe 3 years or so and it did absolutely change my life. Setting people free must be hugely challenging but also rewarding by equal measure. Very best of luck to her, a really worthwhile career.


I’m off to my sister’s in a bit, it’s her 50th birthday.

The plan was for mainly family to get together, in the afternoon so handy for the kids (there will be 3, 2 of which are mine). But the plan has changed.

It’s now going to be a big shindig with around 30 people there, of whom about 5 I will know. That’s 3 more than the rest of my family will know. We will all have a fucking miserable time. It’s been hinted that my help would be appreciated with serving drinks. Really.

My despair at this situation has been entirely alleviated by my recent decision to fuck off at 5 so I can watch all of the rugby.

Christ I do hate the casual thoughtlessness and selfishness of my family.