Today I have mainly been V2.0


i find it hard to imagine you dressed as spiderman with a tray of Martinis held aloft, whilst you deftly navigate the throng




Given that one game starts at 14:15 and the other at 16:45 you’re not going to see much of it.


Shit I though the England game was later than that :tired_face:


Record and watch when you get home. Catch-up is your friend.



Just arrived at the hotel. Watching the Scotland match. Set up the England match to record at home. Contemplating just staying here, tbh :rofl:


what part of the cuntry are you in?


The arse end of the West Midlands in a Ramada hotel that’s not just tired, it’s comatose.

Happily we have a decent room, so I’m here watching the rugby while the kids have an even bigger room with their own TV.


How casually thoughtless and selfish of you.



Sounds ideal for a bake off venue


Wishing I had booked tickets for this today.


Oldbury? :smile:


what time are you on duty serving drinks?




Wow , that would have been fantastic


Indeed although I have had good runs to Carlisle before.

A even better video has now appeared by a brave soul who climbed up one of the fells.


At the Victorian Village in Ironbridge.

Although I could have inadvertantly gone to @stu 's work.

There was this for @Rob998 as well.

P.s. the chips coooked in dripping from there were epic.


Blists Hill near me. Great day out, The fish and chips are brilliant. The Bank there is a replica of the one in Broseley where we live, 2 mile away. My wife worked there for 20 years.

Shame I didn’t know you were visiting we could have met up or put you up for the night.


that looks really good


No snow at all here but 4 miles up the road.