Today I have mainly been V2.0


Had to do the weekly shop , then a wonderful walk with my better half by the canal in knowle . Really lovely area


Sorry, forgot you were nearby. It is actually quite accessible for us, only 1hr15 away, and we have an annual pass for Ironbridge until the end of May which we will probably renew at some point as MrsKettle and KettleJnr also enjoyed it.


Trying to keep well over a hundred kids and adults safe , someone had the brilliant idea of having a big pool for baptism and then communion afterwards , as you can imagine plenty of water flying everywhere and not easy to keep safe. Then big lunch together so food everywhere too…ah happy days


Given the activity, that one raises a few philosophical questions …



…very happy with the job my French Polishers did taking 75 years of abuse and a couple of water stains out of the old wireless The Antipodean bought me for Xmas in a junk shop in Melbourne 23 years ago. It still works beautifully although functions merely as an ornament these days.

Keeping the HMV badge on the top intact was a major hassle. There was a huge water stain next to it from a careless previous owner.

Lovely thing…


Looks great. I’m dropping hints about getting something similar for the lounge.


I know people who could supply you with what they call a ‘pantry transmitter’. You feed whatever audio you like into it and it re-broadcasts it as an AM signal at a wavelength of your choice. Hey presto, your wireless now receives your local drill station or comes alive when you put the phone onto ‘speaker’.



This lot went yesterday Prices are not what they once were as, one by one, I’m afraid the collectors reach an age where they have to let their collections go. There are bargains to be had, but one of these

will still cost you a pretty penny.



FoL’s second interview today, following on from the one last week. So, she’s now two for two in offers to interviews :slightly_smiling_face:

Just another 2 interviews to go this week…


It’s a shame it works, in some ways. I’d have wanted to make it into some incredibly high tech thing that replaces the ugly things you have on it, and also does internet radio, Alexa, media server and PornHub, all while looking like a 1930s museum piece. But that would entail stripping the guts out.


Nope. See the pantry transmitter post above. You can hide all the wizardry in your, er, pantry and transmit the result to the wireless by radio waves. You might not get everything that PornHub has to offer if you can only access the audio. In mono. But it would still be a big advance on what the thing could do when it was new. If you wanted to add, say, a media server then there might be quite a bit of room inside that box. And once again wireless is your friend.

Just don’t turn it into a drinks cabinet or a fish tank (quite a few old tellies have gone that way).



Listened to some fascinating discussion on public transport , the first was a chap shouting into his phone on a bus about the benefits of id theft, to make sure his friend used lots of different atms and that he could get a lot of bags for a good price , then later a charming ex navy man encouraging a group of new royal marine recruits who were exremely young at 17 to 19 but really valued his support.


I love that. I have a lovely old Bakelite radio that is just perfect for listening to TMS on. Reminds me of visiting my Grandad’s house when I was very small.


You would like the black country museum in dudley , they have several old shops with all this stuff in. You sometimes see them on adverts


Only a half day walk today, a little 8km circuit that got to these halfway round. For some reason they are called Els Arcs.


Bit of a conflab to help assess the two offers and she has decided on balance to accept the second one.

Excellent, not long till those purse strings get cut :wink:


I’ve not heard of this manufacturer before…


Well known in the T&M (Test and Measurement) community, mostly for bridge-based instruments. Any decent electronics workshop would have had one. They were all known as ‘wanker bridges’.



She’ll need a house. Best not order those Vox Olympians just yet…


But, but…